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Baby Annabell Little Sophia


Baby Annabell Little Sophia


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  • High-quality hair for creative styling and sensory play.
  • 36cm soft body, with closing eyes when doll is laid down.
  • Each 36cm doll comes with shoes and a 2-in-1 removable cardigan and dress.
  • Suitable for children aged 1+.
  • No batteries required.
  • Comes in 100% plastic free and fully recyclable, fuss-free packaging.
  • Item no: 706480


Oh, what gorgeous locks of hair you have Baby Annabell Little Sophia! With a soft body and high-quality hair, Baby Annabell Little Sophia is just waiting for your child’s creativity – her long blonde hair can be styled over and over again! Her 2-in-1 pink cardigan and pattern dress is soft and textured, perfect for curious children who love to discover through touch. After a long day of playing and getting dressed up, Little Sophia will need a nap. Simply lay her down and watch her pretty eyes close for the evening. Her slightly smaller 36cm body is the perfect size for exploring toddlers aged one and above – they can grab and cuddle as much as they want!

Baby Annabell Little Sophia needs a caregiver who can develop their empathy and compassion with cuddles and lots and lots of love!

Baby Annabell Little Sophia


Baby Annabell Little Sophia 36cm

Meet Baby Annabell Little Sophia

Little ones will adore Little Sophia! She’s unforgettably cute, with her realistic golden hair and big fluttery eyelashes – a beautiful way to encourage nurturing roleplay for children aged 1+ years.

She comes with high quality blonde hair, 2-in-1 dress, leggings and shoes.

Style her hair!

Shimmering in the sunshine, it’s Little Sophia and her lovely long hair!

Stylists-in-the-making can try giving their pretty baby different looks, or just enjoy how shiny and golden it is!

Baby Annabell Little Sofia

Baby Annabell Little Sophia

Sleepy eyes!

Is Little Sophia tired? Gently lie your snoozy darling on her back and she’ll close her eyes, dozing off into dreamland!

Her smaller size makes her the best cuddle companion!

Dress up time!

Trying on cute clothes makes Little Sophia very happy! Her soft limbs and easy-fit outfit are designed to encourage tots to practice putting clothes on and taking them off.

Her 2-in-1 dress, pastel leggings and cool shoes are as stylish as they are adorable!

Baby Annabell Little Sophia

Baby Annabell Little Sophia

Soft as a cloud!

Little Sophia is so cuddly, your little one will love her!

She’s ideal for tots under three years, with a gentle vinyl head, arms and legs to practice grabbing and holding.