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Dolls That Make Sounds

Wahhh! Burrp! Hehehe! Little ones love dolls that make sounds. From crying and giggling to burps and baby pops, Baby Annabell has many realistic features that make imaginative roleplay a joy. Baby Annabell and Alexander bring out the cutest nurturing instincts in tots.
Pat Annabell’s back to ... to wind her and hear burps, or rock Alexander into the land of dreams to hear adorable yawning sounds. Along with Baby Annabell Leah, the sweet sounds they make encourage mini doll parents to care for them. And don’t forget to give Leah a bounce on your knee to hear her giggle!
For adorable interactions, meet Little Sweet Princess – an affectionate royal highness that makes kissing sounds and happily hums away while playing. And for evening wind-downs, let the lullaby-playing Sleep Well For Babies soothe your cutie to a gentle slumber. Whatever the time of day, there’s always a doll in Baby Annabell’s world for magical play.

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