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Baby Buggy

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Meet Chou Chou

With big, charming eyes that bobble with every movement, bright hair, lots of giggles and an adorable face, the Chou Chou babies make the cutest friends for your little one! 



Watch their eyes move!

The Chou Chou babies have the most adorable eyes that move and bobble with movement. Watch as their eyes move from left to right, looking for something fun to play with.



Hi Hi Hi!

These cheeky dolls love to babble and chat the day away. They will giggle when you bounce them up and down. In fact, the Chou Chou babies make over 25 different sounds!




Feeding Time!

The Chou Chou babies love their bottle. When little ones put the bottle or dummy to the babies mouth, they’ll hear sucking sounds. And, if your lucky, you might also hear them burb!



Time for a nap!

When the Chou Chou babies get tired from all the fun and games, rock them from side-to-side to hear adorable little yawns – you can even pull the hat over those big eyes as a sleep mask!



Let’s Play!

The Chou Chou babies love to play! Bounce them, cuddle them, swing them around…each movement will reveal a new sound from these cheeky babies.

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