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We’re going green!

As of 2021, BABY born is kicking plastic packaging into touch – we’re eliminating it as far as possible! We understand how important it is to avoid single-use plastic packaging, and we’re aiming to be plastic-free in packaging by the end of 2022. Support us in our pledge!




The way we live is impacting our children’s future

And we need to put a stop to this now. A healthy planet means a whole world of possibility for our little ones and we must protect their future. BABY born is taking responsibility. We’re going green and committing to some big changes, which we hope will work towards leaving behind a healthier planet for our children and theirs.


Stamping out our environmental footprint

We understand the way we work has an impact on the environment – but we constantly strive to reduce that impact. We’re committed to using sustainable resources and working in a way that cares for and protects our environment.


Moving towards sustainable packaging

At BABY born, we know how crucial it is we avoid single-use plastic – and we want to make it easier for you to be able to recycle our packaging. Keep an eye out for our sunflower logo, which symbolises plastic-free packaging.

A world of play

What does this mean for you, our lovely customer? You’ll still receive the same high-quality product your little one can cherish for years – but certain ones will be wrapped in fuss-free packaging that can be recycled with waste paper. For these products, our boxes will no longer include plastic viewing windows, blisters or fasteners and there will be minimal use of adhesive tape and paper and cardboard coatings.