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Baby Buggy

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Bear Friends

Say hello to BABY born’s new best friend, BABY born Bear! Opening up a new world of imaginative play for little ones, this cuddly companion can join BABY born on all kinds of adventures. They have their very own Bear outfits and accessories, and can even fit into BABY born’s 43cm clothing and accessories for endless dress-up fun. And after all the excitement, little ones can snuggle into this soft sweetheart, ready for another day of play tomorrow!

A new best friend for BABY born!

There’s only one BABY born Bear! Look for their signature paw, their jolly little face, and their super-cute style. Available in a pink, blue, or white romper, BABY born Bear has poseable arms and legs, so tiny hands can easily learn to dress Bear and change their outfits. Each Bear comes with an enchanting friendship booklet, ready for stickers and plenty of creative fun! Designed to fit into a wide range of BABY born clothing and accessories (and special Bear outfits of their own), this trusty teddy makes the perfect playmate.

Pawsitively adorable outfits!

From precious pink dresses to charming dungaree outfits, BABY born Bear has the coolest wardrobe! As well as their own Bear clothes, this furry fashionista can fit into all of BABY born’s 43cm clothing – and vice versa! Your adventurous tot will love carrying Bear around in the colourful BABY born Bear Backpack, showing off their fun friend every second of the day. And after a fun day of play, Bear can snuggle up in their special BABY born Bear Sleeping Cave. Night night, sleepy ted!

Share clothes with Best Friends!

BABY born is so excited to share all of their clothes with BABY born Bear. Perfect for playing dress up, there’s an outfit for your little one’s best doll friend and their best bear friend, whatever the occasion: birthdays, playing out with a pal, dancing, princess parties, chilly walks round the park, or a cosy sleepover. Explore an endless collection of stylish looks – you can even get matching outfits so BABY born and Bear are twinning!

Play all day, together!

All-day adventures are even more fun with friends. BABY born loves to play with BABY born Bear, because they can ride the same bike, fit in the same pram, and play in the enchanting BABY born Weekend House together. After so much excitement, little ones will love getting their best doll friend nice and clean in the BABY born Bath Walk-In Shower, then tucking them into the BABY born Good Night Bassinet – their sleepy Bear friend all snug in their cosy cave beside them.