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Meet BABY born Magic

There’s magic in the air! Oh BABY born Magic, are you getting tired? These adorable babies have magic eyes!

Little ones will love to control whether they go to sleep or wakes up for playtime – all with a twist of their magic dummy!



Magic eyes!

These special babies have eyes that really close, whether they’re laying down or not! If it’s getting close to naptime, pop their magic dummy in their mouths and twist it one way to close their eyes, and the other way to open them! As if by magic!



Drinks real water!

Ahh… they’re awake! Perhaps BABY born Magic would like a drink? Fill their bottle with water and they really drink it! Well, all this play makes for thirsty work, after all!



Eats all their food up!

Little ones will love making sure BABY born Magic has a full tummy and lots of energy for play! They come with their own special food, a plate and a spoon so there’s everything needed for a fun mealtime! Don’t forget to catch those spills and drips!



Really wees and poos

BABY born Magic is just like a real baby – They wet their nappies! Pop them on their pottys, press their tummy and they really wee, prompting your little one to help them get cleaned up and fresh again! A clean nappy, just in case, and they are ready to play once more!



Cries real tears

Like any new baby, Magic Girl & Boy aren’t oh-so-smiley every minute of the day. They cry real tears when they need a cuddle or her nappy changing. There, there BABY born Magic, wipe away your tears!




Flexible for more fun!

BABY born Magic is super-movable! They’ll get into all kinds of positions, making playtime even more fun! Standing, sitting, cuddling… These babies will only stay still for as long as your little one lets them!


Bath time – splash time!

If getting in the tub is your little one’s favourite time of day, their play is about to ramp up a notch because BABY born Magic Dolls go in the bath! Your little water baby can have the most exciting of bath time buddies!



Goodnight BABY born Magic

Whether BABY born Magic is winding down for the night or it’s naptime, little ones love being in control of their sleeping! They can pop the magic dummy in their mouths and twist it to close BABY born Magic’s eyes. Ssshh…