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A day in the life of Baby Annabell

Doll-inspired roleplay is a wonderful use of little ones’ energy and imagination – and when it comes to caring for baby, a toddler’s work is never done! Children don’t need much of a push in the right direction where imaginative play is concerned – they’re mini inventors whose creativity knows no bounds! But there are small moves you can make to help nudge that big imagination into gear.

Step into Baby Annabell’s world! Take a look at what her day looks like and inspire your little one to stick to a similar routine so they can get the most out of the UK’s number one nurturing doll.

Yaaawn! Rise and shine Baby Annabell

After a long, dream-filled sleep, Baby Annabell wakes to begin her day. And what a lovely start to the day it is! Your little one can bring her round from her oh-so-comfy slumber (she’s usually tucked up in the Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Crib) and provide all the cuddles in the world before giving Baby Annabell her bottle for breakfast. She drinks real water – it’s her favourite… Mini nurturers will love listening to those contented drinking sounds! But don’t let them forget to get that wind up afterwards.

A mid-morning walk in the park

Your little one will feel just like a real mummy or daddy, as they proudly take Baby Annabell out for a walk. There’s so much to see and do in the park! Strap Baby Annabell into her stroller and away you go! Perhaps she would like a turn on the swing – with her doll parent holding on to her safely of course – or maybe she’d like to go and feed the ducks? These are all the activities that your little one loves taking part in but watch how differently they tackle each scenario when they’re in their roleplay ‘parenting’ mode. 

Home in time for lunch

Feeding time with Baby Annabell is never dull! Test out what she likes and doesn’t like with the Baby Annabell Lunch Time Table. She’ll soon let mummies and daddies know if she’s not keen on what’s been prepared for her. 

Tummy full… Nap time!

If Baby Annabell’s making crying sounds, it might be because she’s tired. Little nurturers can soothe her and gently help her nod off to sleep. Don’t forget her dummy – she doesn’t go anywhere without it!

Peekaboo! There she is!

Encourage your little one to play with Baby Annabell, as well as ‘look after’ her. Simple games like ‘peekaboo’ or bouncing her up and down on their knee will have Baby Annabell in fits of giggles – and it’ll likely end up with them giggling too!

Goodnight Baby Annabell

Once her evening feed is done, it’s wind-down time ahead of bedtime. Toddlers and preschoolers love to act out bedtime routines with their babies – and it’s a joy to watch, as you discover what they really think and understand of the routines you’ve set in place for them! They’ll lovingly tuck Baby Annabell in, as they ‘sshhh’ her to sleep – and they’ll be in awe of the Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Crib

A day in the life of Baby Annabell can be as relaxed – or as far-fetched – as your little one’s imagination can conjure up. Their play with Baby Annabell is based on real scenarios and routines that happen at home – and that’s why this nurturing doll is the perfect toy for instilling in children lovely traits and characteristics and helping them build skills for life.

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