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Encouraging bath time routine and cleanliness with Baby Annabell

As your child grows, it’s rewarding to see their sense of independence grow too, enabling them to confidently explore the world around them. However, increasing independence can often pose challenges for caregivers, especially at bath time. A common question is ‘How can I get my child to enjoy bath time?’ Here, we explore how doll play can encourage a washing and bath time routine for toddlers in a gentle, creative and fun way.

Believe it or not, bath time doesn’t need to involve a battle of wills. Instead, by showing your little one the importance of a bath routine with their favourite Baby Annabell doll, they will learn why they too will need to have a bath from time to time.


Get children excited for bath time

Bath time may be part of your family’s daily routine, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting. Baby Annabell Let’s Play Bath Time allows little ones to emulate their own washing and bath time routine without the need for water. Why not encourage your child to ‘bathe’ Baby Annabell in her special tub while their own bath is running? They’ll love to press the pink button and see the ‘water’ rise before gently bathing Baby Annabell in the fun, under-the-sea themed water illusion. Then, by the time Baby Annabell is all ‘clean and dry’, your child will be looking forward to their own bath!


Encourage hygiene and cleanliness

Toddlers and preschoolers learn through play, so demonstrate good washing techniques on Baby Annabell is sure to help those all-important hygiene and cleanliness routines sink in. Explain that we use soap and water to wash away dirt and germs that can make us poorly.

And remember, the more fun it is, the more engaged your child will be! Try singing a song together as you ‘wash’ Baby Annabell with the lamb washcloth from the Baby Annabell Baby Care Set, and then replicate this on your toddler with their own favourite washcloth.

Make hair washing fun

It’s no secret that most toddlers dislike having their hair washed, but the shower head in Baby Annabell Let’s Play Bath Time might just lead to a change of heart. With a heart- shaped button, lights and splish-splash sounds, ‘washing’ their doll’s hair with the shower head can help children realise that hair washing is something they should look forward to, rather than fear.

Take hair care habits one step further with Baby Annabell Sophia, a beautiful doll with long, flowing hair, plus a hairbrush and headband for styling – perfect for nurturing those fine-motor skills.


Reinforce a sense of routine

From creating a sense of calm and security to helping build healthy habits, the benefits of routine for children are countless. By taking Baby Annabell through her baby bath routine, your toddler can become familiar with the steps of their own, giving them a reassuring sense of what’s coming next. You could even start winding down and transitioning into a cosy bedtime routine by encouraging little ones to wrap Baby Annabell in the super snuggly bathrobe, romper and fluffy socks from the Baby Annabell Deluxe Bathtime Set.


Foster empathy and imagination

Observing children during parent-child roleplay is fascinating, and it’s likely you’ll see your own mannerisms, phrases, and reassuring tones reflected. When you let your child choose their favourite doll – be it Baby Annabell, Baby Alexander or Baby Leah – to lead through a baby bath time routine, you’ll see how it fosters empathy, reinforces caring concepts (such as being gentle) and builds social skills.

Doll roleplay also inspires their imagination. Children will often act out the everyday scenarios they’ve come to know so well, and put their own delightful spin on it. Your toddler may even come up with water play ideas for Baby Annabell that you could use on them!

To create the ultimate bath time routine for Baby Annabell and your little one, check out the Baby Annabell baby care collection.