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BABY born: Adventures with their best friend

For both girls and boys, a doll is usually a first best friend and helps them develop the independence and skills needed to form real-world friendships. BABY born is designed to fill that bestie role and join your little one as they become acquainted with their surroundings – whether that’s at the park, in the car or sunbathing on holiday! 

You can give that big imagination a nudge in the right direction! Help your little one access a whole new level of adventure and surprise by letting BABY born join you and your little one in the following scenarios:

Going shopping

Chances are your little one to loves to mimic you by grabbing their shoes and coat – and a shopping bag – and heading out of the door. Trips to the supermarket can become oh-so-fun for little adventurers whenever BABY born tags along too! They can dress BABY born to make sure she looks the part in her BABY born City Fashion Set 43cm outfit – she’ll be the talk of the town! Plus, you can help turn it into a learning expedition and have your little one and BABY born help with counting out the pennies to pay for the shopping!

A trip to the doctors

A visit to the surgery can be daunting for little ones – but not if they have their bestie with them. It’s a ‘fun’ outing if BABY born joins, but a difficult visit can be made so much calmer and more comfortable if BABY born is getting checked over by the doc too. It’s a situation the two of them will ‘go through together’ – and all of a sudden, it’s an adorable outing that teaches children not to be worried about a visit to the surgery!

Down at the park

Has the sun got his hat on? Ding, ding… It sounds like BABY born wants to join you on a ride around the local park! Get your little one all kitted out for a short bike ride – and then step back and let them do the same for BABY born and her scooter. BABY born City RC Scooter, along with accessories like BABY born City Scooter Helmet 43cm, make for fun and gorgeous-looking additions for your trip out! Your little rider will love taking in all the views as the pair of them cruise along. Friends who ride together, stay together! 

Style a fashion show!

Everyone knows BABY born is a little fashionista – and she can help introduce curious little ones to their own sense of style too! Host a fashion show for your child and their forever friend, BABY born. Star of the show in her Unicorn Fairy Outfit 43cm will no doubt be BABY born but what fun pulling lots of outfits out of the wardrobe and experimenting, before strutting on the runway and showing off their new looks!

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