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Happy birthday! BABY born turns 30

It’s happy birthday to BABY born, as our beloved baby turns 30 years old!

That’s three decades of wonderful doll play, innovative product development and the most fabulous imagination in many generations of children! Join us in celebrating 30 years of imagination and adventure!

Here, we take a look at how far BABY born has come in 30 years and explain all about the Happy Birthday collection we’re launching in celebration.

BABY born and the fundamentals of doll play

Ever since its launch 30 years ago, BABY born’s values have remained firm – we work hard to put the ‘fun’ in the fundamentals of doll play! Fast forward to the present day and our much-loved dolls continue to promote all the developmental benefits of doll play with parents seeing first-hand the far-reaching and unique imagination at play. The importance of imaginative play in this way shouldn’t be underestimated. BABY born continues to inspire children to play independently, developing their self-confidence and problem-solving abilities as they roleplay scenarios important to them. However, BABY born is also great for cooperative play, encouraging little ones to turn take and share, as well as helping to develop their language and social skills and help them express emotions and explore how they’re feeling.

Dolls are more than just ‘toys’ to our growing little ones. BABY born is a best friend who, to them, is a fun mate to accompany them anywhere. But we’re more interested in what’s at play behind the scenes – how doll play means children are always learning and developing a better understanding of the world around them. BABY born launched to the world as a brand with its feet firmly grounded in the fundamentals of play and 30 years later, we’re still true to our overarching values.

A collection fit for the birthday baby

To celebrate BABY born’s milestone anniversary, we’ve launched a stunning new range: the BABY born Happy Birthday collection. Here, you’ll find all the glitz and glam expected of the birthday baby, featuring gorgeous party dresses and even a cake with candles to blow out. Take a look at the key products of the collection:

BABY born Deluxe Happy Birthday Set.

This beautiful collection features everything needed for a very special occasion! There’s a pink dress with a pretty tulle overskirt, golden sandals and a sparkly birthday crown! Plus, little ones will love the birthday cake that has six pieces for if they’re hosting a party for BABY born and her friends! Encourage your child to set up a ‘party table’ and have all their teddies and dolls join them! 

BABY born Deluxe Happy Birthday Outfit.

The birthday girl needs a sparkly dress to celebrate the festivities! This outfit comes with a gorgeous sequin dress, matching sequin handbag and pink boots, as well as a headband and detachable fashion mask! Your little one can decide how they want the mask to be worn – as glasses over BABY born’s eyes or attached to her dress so it looks the bunny motif has glasses. View BABY born Deluxe Happy Birthday Outfit.

BABY born Happy Birthday Changing Bag.

We’ve revamped BABY born’s changing bag for the special occasion! It holds all the essentials needed for keeping BABY born clean and content! The bag has a sparkly design with space-themed motifs and comes with a changing mat, powder bottle, rattle and nappy. View BABY born Happy Birthday Changing Bag.

BABY born Happy Birthday Interactive Dummy.

Compatible with our BABY born Magic Boy, BABY born Magic Girl and BABY born Magic Girl Brown Eyes, this interactive dummy can be twisted to open and close their eyes. It features fun lights and sounds and the mouthpiece can be changed to be a heart, flower or star! Discover BABY born Happy Birthday Interactive Dummy now.

Keep an eye out for our celebrations for BABY born’s 30th birthday – we’ll be getting up to all sorts throughout the year! Watch this space! In the meantime, we’d love to see pics of your little ones enjoying our BABY born Happy Birthday collection! Share them on Facebook or Instagram using #CelebrationofImagination.