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How to create mermaid fun at bath time

Mermaids and mythical creatures have captivated children for generations, so to bring a touch of wonder into the everyday routine, why not sprinkle some mermaid magic into your little one’s bath time?

There are so many ways to shell-ebrate this magical day that can help build skills, foster creativity and inspire your little one’s growing imagination. Whether they’re making sand sculptures in a sand pit (or at the beach!), snuggling down to watch their favourite mermaid film or emulating graceful mermaid acrobatics in the bath, International Mermaid Day provides many opportunities for your children to express themselves and have fun in the most enchanting ways.


If you’re feeling super creative, you could even host a mermaid party for your little one and invite their friends along! With shimmering outfits, a mermaid-inspired cake, treasure chests filled with chocolate coins and a space for making glittery crafts, aspiring mermaids would have a whale of a time they’d talk about for years to come. 


And, for mermaid-inspired fun you can make part of the everyday routine, BABY born is the perfect addition to their under-the-sea celebrations.


BABY born Sister Styling Mermaid Head

Aspiring hair stylists can experience fabulous styling fun with the added excitement of water play, with BABY born Sister Styling Mermaid Head! Simply secure the suction cups to the bottom of the bath and watch your little hairdresser race to the tub and get to work. 

Playing hairdresser provides plenty of opportunities for language development as well as practicing good hand eye coordination. Encourage your little one to talk Sister Styling Mermaid Head through what they’re doing, from washing her pastel-coloured hair with the seashell-shaped shower head, to creating beautiful hairdos. With eight accessories (hairbrush, tiara and six clips), your child will spend hours creating endless looks for their new mermaid friend and will build on their social and creative skills in the process. 

Alongside expanding their vocabulary and helping little ones become comfortable with (and even excited for) having their hair washed, BABY born Sister Styling Mermaid Head inspires creativity and individuality. 


BABY born Little Sister Mermaid

BABY born Little Sister Mermaid is the princess of the sea, and certainly looks the part in her pearly bikini! Little ones will love to get BABY born Little Sister Mermaid ready for adventures by brushing her lovely long hair with the shell comb and finishing the look with her enchanting tiara. 


Every bath or swimming session becomes a magical water adventure with the BABY born Little Sister Mermaid! Featuring a beautiful colour-changing tail that swishes through the water, your little one’s imagination will swim wild as their new best friend leaps and dives around in the water. Whether in the bathtub, swimming pool or paddling pool, your little mermaid will have oceans of fun playing in imaginary worlds and becoming confident in the water.


Using dolls in imaginary play is a fantastic way to aid your child’s development (including boosting social, emotional and language skills) and – in the case of bath toys – increasing your child’s confidence in the water. Read more on the importance of pretend play and be sure to share your International Mermaid Day celebrations with us on Instagram and Facebook.