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Doll Play: Activities for Summer

The season of sand, sunshine and sensory play in the great outdoors has arrived! Here, we cover some of our favourite family activities for summer to keep the little ones active, engaged and having fun with Baby Annabell in these warm and wonderful months. From summery craft activities and getting out and about in nature, to roleplay inspiration for hours of fun, we explore some of the best free summer activities for kids.


Jelly pool


This is exactly what you think it is, and one of our favourite summer activities for one-to-two-year-olds. After all, if ever there was a time to embrace messy play, this is it – the warm sunny days are perfect for letting your little one loose outside so they can make a mess without risk of wreaking havoc on your carpets. 

Put some ready-made jelly into a paddling pool and let little ones explore it with their hands, feet, kitchen utensils, measuring cups, dump trucks and anything else you can think of! By helping Baby Annabell to play in the jelly alongside them, your little one will be reinforcing their knowledge of body parts and movement as they enjoy the squidgy sensations. To give your child an extra challenge, try giving them prompts such as “Put Annabell’s left foot in the jelly!” to enhance their learning further.


Once playtime is over, encourage your little one to get their favourite doll friend lovely and clean again by wiping her down with a damp cloth and popping her in the Baby Annabell Let’s Play Bath Time magical tub, before dressing her in the Baby Annabell Deluxe Butterfly Dress. Not only does this outfit look super sweet, the adorable sun hat will keep Annabell’s head protected from those summer rays, too!


Produce a summer mural


Craft activities for summer are always a lovely way to commemorate the season, and mean you have a sentimental keepsake by the end of it! One of our favourite summer activities for the family is to create a mural that will remind you of all your favourite summertime experiences and memories. 

Simply stretch a long piece of white craft paper across a wall and let your little one cover it in hand-drawn, painted or coloured pictures of the adventures they’ve enjoyed with Baby Annabell, Alexander or Leah. Together, you can work on it all summer, adding to it little by little. Once it’s finished, dress Annabell or Leah up in the Deluxe Butterfly Dress and hold an ‘unveiling party’ for relatives so they can admire the mural!


Create a masterpiece with chalk


If you’re seeking free activities for summer, colouring in is a much-treasured activity that never loses its appeal. For an outdoorsy twist on this timeless classic, prepare Baby Annabell for a day of activities by dressing her in the Baby Annabell Active Deluxe Jeans set, then provide your little one with coloured chalk and watch as they choose their favourite colours and set about creating a masterpiece on the pavement or patio. 

Colouring in helps children develop many of the traits we’re passionate about – nurturing, empathy and kindness – while stimulating their creativity and nudging along their fine motor skills. And if it’s a rainy day? Download our fun colouring sheets featuring Baby Annabell’s loyal sheep companion, and let your little ones get creative from the comfort of the couch.


Have a nature scavenger hunt

Not only is getting outside fantastic for children’s physical health, walking and outdoor play also has a positive impact on their mental wellbeing, helps them connect with nature and develops their cognitive, emotional and social skills. And with the weather getting warmer, there’s never been a better time to head out for a nature-themed scavenger hunt.

As children’s vocabularies really expand around three years old, this is one of the best summer activities to encourage the development of language skills. Help your little one pop Baby Annabell Alexander into the Active Cocoon Carrier so they can observe, explore and adventure across new lands with their sweet little baby snuggled up to them, and identify items to tick off our outdoors activity sheet as they spot them!


Enjoy a sweet little picnic

Picnics are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in nature, spend time with family and make memories to last a lifetime. Whether real or make believe, in the great outdoors or from the comfort of your living room, summer activities for five-year-olds don’t get much more magical than a perfect picnic with Baby Annabell

After dressing Baby Annabell in the Deluxe Spring outfit complete with sunglasses, encourage your little one to help make refreshing lemonade or hot chocolate before cosying up on picnic blankets to share stories and soak up the sounds of nature. Little ones will love to roleplay, making tiny little sandwiches and sipping ice-cold drinks. They could even snuggle down in the Sweet Dreams Sleeping Bag for an al-fresco post-picnic nap!

In need of some more fun ideas for the summer? Check out our play inspiration. And don’t forget to tag us in your summer adventure snaps on Facebook and Instagram!