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Encouraging A Bedtime Routine With Doll Play

Encouraging a bedtime routine can really help toddlers and younger children have a good, restful, night’s sleep. However, trying to establish a bedtime routine can sometimes be easier said than done, especially when children don’t want to put down the toys and head to bed. 


Doll play is great in helping children’s understanding and acceptance of routine. Encouraging their bedtime routine using doll play is fun and engaging for them, while gently introducing them to the right behaviours and values associated with their bedtime. By acting out a bedtime routine with Baby Annabell, children reinforce what they understand of their own routine, building a sense of familiarity and security that’s conducive to a good night’s sleep.


With sleep being so integral to health and happiness, we explore how you can tie doll play into different elements of your little one’s bedtime routine to help them unwind and fall into a good night’s sleep.


Relax in the bath

Is there any better way to start the bedtime routine than by washing away the day in a relaxing bath? If, however, your little one shows some resistance to bath time, why not encourage them to bathe Baby Annabell in her special water-free tub while their own bath is running? Baby Annabell Let’s Play Bath Time is a magical bathtub that has splish-splash sound effects and a special feature that makes it look like it’s filled with water! It’s perfect for pretend play and reinforcing that idea of routine – without the water mess! Then, by the time Baby Annabell is all ‘clean and dry’, your child will be looking forward to their own bath!


Cosy up in pyjamas

Now that bathtime is over, little ones can choose some super snuggly nightwear to bundle Baby Annabell up in. Whether they opt for the magical Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Gown, or the Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Nightwear, dressing their beautiful baby for the night sets a cosy tone for the evening, and changing into pyjamas is a good signal to your little ones to start relaxing and winding down for bed.


Wind down together

Gentle playtime in the bedroom with Baby Annabell creates a relaxing ambience and encourages connection while keeping excitement levels low. Mellow activities such as enjoying the sweet lullaby and gentle lights of the Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Dummy are a lovely way to bond with your little one at the end of the day. Prepare for your heart to melt as they utter the same loving words and phrases that you say to them, reinforcing their emotional skills.


Get lost in a book

What better way to bond before bedtime than with a magical bedtime story? With your little one cuddled up on your lap, and Baby Annabell cuddled up on theirs, you can get lost in the pages of their favourite book together. Whatever their age, reading to your little one (or letting them read to Baby Annabell) is a fantastic way to foster their imagination and love of reading, and hone their language skills.


Snuggle into bed

Once Baby Annabell and your little one are bathed, dressed, soothed and read to, it’s time for the final step of the bedtime routine. Signal that sleep will soon be on the way by allowing your little one to cocoon Baby Annabell into the Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Sleeping Bag. Children will love to kiss Baby Annabell goodnight and watch her eyes close as they lay her down in the Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Crib. They can then activate the crib’s rocking motion and soothing lullaby and see Baby Annabell easily drift off to dreamland.



By encouraging your little one to gently lead Baby Annabell through her bedtime routine using roleplay, they’ll not only become more secure with their own routine, but it will also help them understand the importance of winding down before going to sleep. 

To embrace World Sleep Day and create a bedtime routine full of tender, soothing moments, check out the Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams collection.