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Host The Perfect Princess Tea Party With Baby Annabell

Whether commemorating a birthday or simply looking to add some sweet activities into your little one’s day, a princess tea party is the sweetest idea for a small celebration, particularly if guests bring their own favourite doll as a plus one!

Here, we offer princess tea party birthday ideas for planning and hosting the ultimate event, including decorations, food and games.

Princess tea party toys

It just wouldn’t be a princess birthday tea party without Baby Annabell Little Sweet Princess! Of course, royalty has to arrive at the celebration in style, and Baby Annabell Little Sweet Pony is the most adorable way to travel! After sitting Baby Annabell Little Sweet Princess atop her horse using the saddle and bright pink bridle, your little one can make her grand entrance. And let’s not forget the VIPs – in her princess-themed romper and tutu, Baby Annabell Little Sweet Annabell is a dream guest for every princess tea party.


Delightful decorations

Princesses deserve palatial surroundings, so gather the glitter and get ready to transform your house into a place of splendour befitting the monarchy. A grand entrance can be achieved with door streamers leading into the room you’ll be hosting in, while confetti-filled balloons give an instant celebratory feel. Of course, the table is the focal point at a princess tea party, so most of your decorative efforts should be focused there. Set the tone with a pastel-perfect tablecloth sprinkled with glitter, decorative cups and plates and a dramatic tulle bow tied around the back of each chair. Finally, help every guest feel like royalty with a tiara at each place setting, not forgetting Little Sweet Princess and her tiara too!


Fabulous food

With a little imagination, the food at a princess afternoon tea party can also serve as decoration! A beautiful cake makes a dramatic and delicious centrepiece, while dainty cake pops provide each little princess with a sweet treat that doubles up as a magic wand or sceptre! Tiny sausage rolls, sandwiches cut into triangles, jam tarts and scones with jam and cream are essential for making the event a real afternoon tea, while big bowls of popcorn provide the VIPs with a snack to graze on throughout the day’s fun activities. For something to sip on, serve the little princesses pink milkshakes or sweet lemonade. To make dining even more fun, the princesses can help Baby Annabell enjoy her own afternoon tea with the Baby Annabell Lunch Time Table. Featuring three different main courses, three different desserts and a bottle with different drink options, it’s a banquet fit for a Queen!


Princess tea party games

Every royal needs some respite from the demands of their royal duties, and what better way to relax and have fun than with some princess tea party games? Try these out and laugh along as the little princesses squeal with delight.

Plant the kiss on the frog

We’re all familiar with the classic party game ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, and ‘plant the kiss kiss on the frog’ puts a fun themed twist on it! Here, the little princesses each apply some lipstick, are blindfolded and spun around before being challenged with planting a kiss on the frog (print one out or cut one from cardboard). Whoever’s kiss is closest to the frog’s lips, wins!

The Royal Ball freeze dance

Dancing is a princess party must!  Get Little Sweet Princess ready in her sparkly Little Sweet Dress and then it’s time to party! All guests who attend the Royal Ball are ready to dance the night away, but when they are touched by a magic wand, they must freeze in place until they’re touched with it again. If they move, laugh, or talk then they must sit out until the next song. Whether you opt for nursery rhymes or upbeat pop music, this princess party game is sure to get the little ones feeling energised.

Make your own necklace

Every princess needs jewels, and providing your guests with different strings, beads and embellishments to make their own necklaces will give their royal highnesses some respite from all that dancing! Why not take it one step further and hold a fashion

show once they’ve all finished, so they can showcase their creations? Whoever finishes their necklace first can be tasked with making one for Baby Annabell too, before brushing her lovely long locks and dressing her in the Little Sweet Set – so beautiful!

In need of some more fun ideas for your little one? Check out our play inspiration. And don’t forget to tag us in your princess tea party snaps on Facebook and Instagram!