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Let’s Go Camping With BABY born

Camping is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in nature, spend time with family and make memories to last a lifetime. Whether you have a trip planned or not, BABY born is the perfect companion for camping in the great outdoors, your back garden or even just your living room! Here, we discuss how doll camping with BABY born, whether real or make-believe, can inspire imaginative and fun-filled play that will delight your little one for hours on end.


Prepare for a trip like no other

As a loveable best friend with six lifelike functions including bendable knees, drinking real water, crying real tears, standing on her own and going in the bath, chances are BABY born Sister has accompanied your little one on adventures here, there are everywhere. But what about camping? If this is an outing your little one has yet to take BABY born on, they’re in for a treat. From breathing in the fresh air and listening to the birds to making hot chocolates and s’mores over a camping stove and snuggling up in a sleeping bag at the end of the day, doll camping is an experience for the whole family to treasure.



Embrace all weathers

BABY born Weekend House is the perfect baby doll camping set for BABY born and friends. This easy-to-assemble doll tent has curtained walls that can be opened to let the outdoors in, or closed to keep BABY born cosy and snug inside! This creates the perfect setting for imaginative play around weather, and teaches children how to respond to it. If the sun is shining, encourage them to apply sun cream to themselves before dressing BABY born Sister in a pretty summer dress, before popping one on themselves. Then, draw back the curtained walls of the BABY born weekend house to embrace the sun-drenched outdoors in all its glory, and set up the doll-sized chairs so BABY born can bask in the sun’s warm glow. 

And if it’s raining? Lay a super cosy blanket in the tent and encourage your little one to make imaginary hot chocolates to sip while reading their favourite story to BABY born Sister, with the sound of rain pitter-pattering outside. Of course, you could always venture out for a rainy-day adventure instead – just don’t forget a raincoat and wellies!


Let your little chef cook up a storm

Featuring a stove and sink with realistic sounds, fun light functions and lots of lovely doll camping accessories like pans, cutlery and chairs, there are hours of fun to be had in the BABY born Weekend House! Your little one can even help BABY born pick tiny flowers and vegetables from the doll-sized planters attached to the doll house tent, before cooking up a storm with their freshly-picked produce. 

Why not suggest an imaginary ‘cook-off’ between your little one and their favourite doll friend? Not only will this type of imaginative play reinforce your children’s knowledge of food and cooking skills, it may actually help them become more adventurous with trying new foods, too.

Go foraging for ‘potion’ ingredients


Why not take it one step further and go foraging for natural treasures such as blackberries and delicate flowers to make a special summer ‘potion’? Alongside fostering your little one’s creativity and expanding their vocabulary, this kind of imaginative play gives growing children the opportunity to experiment with what they understand of the world, explore boundaries and help develop their own identity. Learn more about the importance of imaginative play.


Set up the ultimate sleepover

Is there anything more exciting than a sleepover? BABY born Sister doesn’t think so, and her Weekend House is the ultimate place to host one! The roof converts to a lounge area with an attachable table for the ultimate space to relax, share secrets, swap stories and try out new looks. And when the day’s fun is through, your little one can tuck BABY born Sister in for the night with the doll-sized mattress and pillow.


Host a doll festival

Want to turn doll camping into a group activity? Encourage your child to invite their friends and their dolls round for a super-fun doll festival – the ultimate way to celebrate summer! Once your little one has got BABY born Sister ready in her BABY born Flowers Dress, string up some lights, make refreshing lemonade and get an uplifting playlist on the go to set the scene for a dance party in the warm, summer air that your little one and their friends will talk about for years to come. 


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