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Reading with BABY born

From encouraging imagination, learning and understanding to inspiring roleplay and fostering emotional skills, the benefits of reading with children are far-reaching. And, with May being ‘National Share A Story Month’, there’s no better time to celebrate storytelling and how powerful it can be. To make it extra special and further the developmental benefits of reading, why not incorporate your little one’s favourite doll? 

Here, we explore how reading can boost children’s developmental skills, foster connection with others and create special memories, as well as discuss ways to involve BABY born.


Social skills and storytelling

Did you know that playing with dolls helps children talk about how others feel? Research suggests that playing imaginary games can aid the development of social skills and empathy, and the same can be said for storytelling with dolls. By either reading aloud to their baby doll or spinning their own tale, children will naturally talk about the thoughts and feelings of characters in the story. This is known as internal state language, and provides scaffolding for children to take the perspective of other people. From making and sustaining friendships, to enhancing how children learn from their teachers and parents, internal state language and other social skills are integral to interacting with others appropriately and navigating a variety of situations. 


Books for babies?!


Think your baby is too young to reap the rewards of reading? Think again. Research shows it’s never too early to read to your little one – even if they’re a newborn! Given that babies learn to recognise familiar voices when they’re still in the womb, listening to you read will provide a sense of comfort and connection that will deepen your bond further. And, while your baby doesn’t yet know what you’re saying, they can still pick up on the rhythm, tones and inflections of your voice, forming the basis for eventually learning to understand language and form their own words.

At this young and tender age, babies and younger tots will love to snuggle up with BABY born Sleepy for Babies and be read to by caregivers. With an amazingly soft body featuring a playful integrated rattle, this sweet 30cm doll is suitable from birth and will bring an extra level of comfort and cosiness to story time. 


Storytime adventures

For older children, reading to their doll is beneficial in a multitude of ways, and can be applied to far more environments than being sat at home or snuggled up in bed. BABY born Magic Girl makes a lovely companion who can join your little one on all their day-to-day adventures and get them engaged in the every day. 

For example, if you have a long car journey coming up and want to give your child a fun, stimulating way to pass the time, the BABY born Car Seat is guaranteed to keep them entertained all the way. You could even task your little one with telling their doll friend a story to keep them occupied in the car! By roleplaying in this way, children will deepen their social skills and boost their growing imaginations, providing opportunities to explore new scenarios in their minds and gauge their feelings in a safe and secure environment. Not to mention, there’ll be fewer renditions of “Are we there yet?” piping up from the back seat!


A perfect way to end the day


When the day’s adventures are over and the sun has gone to bed, it’s time to wind down with the night-time routine. Encourage your little one to get BABY born clean and relaxed in the BABY born Bathtub as they plunge into their own bubble bath. Once they’re all towelled off and dry, children will love to dress their sweet doll friend in the super-cosy bunny outfit from the BABY born Bath Deluxe Good Night Set. Then, all that’s left to do is snuggle down with a treasured story! By showing them how to gently turn the pages of the book and use a quiet voice to keep BABY born Magic Boy calm and prepare them for sleep, you’ll have given your little one the chance to relax before bed and tell a story as they imagine it in their mind.

From magic dummies to snuggly sleeping bags, discover everything you need to keep BABY born happy with our baby care collection.

Whether you’re reading to your child or they’re reading to BABY born, sharing an old, treasured classic or exploring something new, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to get lost in the pages of a book with your little one this May. Be sure to share your story time pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram!