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Splish Splash BABY born: Games To Play In The Pool

It’s paddling pool season! Little ones just love this time of year and BABY born brings SO much enjoyment to the water. By combining the warm weather with doll play and fun games to play in the pool, you’ll create summer memories that your little one will cherish for years to come. Whether paddling at home or splashing around on holiday, Find out why BABY born makes the perfect swimming companion for your little mermaid or merman and suggest ideas to inspire growing imaginations, water confidence and a whole lot of fun.

Have a mer-mazing water adventure

When it comes to the best games to play in swimming pools, pretending to be mermaids must surely be top of the list! With BABY born Little Sister Mermaid, every swimming session is transformed into a magical water adventure. Featuring a beautiful colour-changing tail that swishes through the water, your little one’s imagination will swim wild as their new best friend leaps and dives around in the water. Whether in the paddling pool, swimming pool or bathtub, your little merbaby will have oceans of fun playing in imaginary worlds and becoming confident in the water.

Once the day’s swimming is done, little ones will love to get BABY born Little Sister Mermaid looking like the princess of the sea by brushing her lovely long hair with the shell comb and finishing the look with her enchanting tiara.


Learn to swim with BABY born

There are so many games to play in a paddling pool that it’s all too easy to overlook a simple yet brilliant one – learning to swim! Paddling pools provide an ideal setting for children to get used to the idea of pools without feeling overwhelmed, and being accompanied by a doll friend will provide them with a sense of familiarity and comfort as they get used to the idea of swimming.

BABY born My First Swim Girl and My First Swim Boy are ideal for helping to build water confidence. To children, they appear to really swim, reinforcing the idea of the core skills needed for moving through the water. Children have lots of fun winding up the dolls’ arms and releasing – and they swim front crawl or butterfly when let go! The My First Swim dolls are great for teaching the basics of swimming, but, importantly, they bring lots of fun, making the learning process feel like simply playing and ensuring your child is at ease in the water.


Synchronised swimming

Little ones love to boogie, and dancing in a swimming pool adds even more fun! Try giving your little one and their favourite doll friend some easy movements to try in the pool, such as paddling themselves around in a circle until they’ve made a full turn, or laying back and gently kicking their legs. Don’t forget some music to help them get into the groove! With flexible, super-moveable limbs that can be moved into all kinds of positions, BABY born Magic Girl is the perfect friend for your little one to have on their synchronised swimming team. Plus, she’s fully suitable for playing in the water!


Go fishing!
One of the best games to play in a paddling pool is fishing for treasures! Throw an assortment of random things (for example – BABY born’s bottle, bath toys, an apple, a wooden spoon etc) into a shallow-filled paddling pool and task your little one with catching each one with a net, or scooping them up with a large bowl. This game can be adapted to suit different ages and stages of development. Young toddlers may have enough of a challenge simply trying to identify the right object, whereas older children may enjoy the added challenge of being ‘timed’. You can keep them busy all day if you encourage them to try beat their personal best!


Using dolls in the paddling or swimming pool is a fantastic way to aid your child’s development and increase their water confidence. Read more on the importance of pretend play and be sure to share your pool games with us on Instagram and Facebook!