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Baby Annabell Active Alexander Interactive Doll 43cm


NEW Functions & Sounds

Baby Annabell Active Alexander Interactive Doll 43cm


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  • Baby Active Alexander is just like a real baby!
  • With realistic mouth movements and baby sounds.
  • He can pretend to drink from his bottle, suck his dummy, cry and be rocked to sleep!
  • Plus he has a soft cuddly body and loves to laugh.
  • Includes 43cm soft body doll with blue romper, cap, bottle, dummy, bib, charm and baby album with sticker sheet.
  • Suitable for children aged 3+.
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries.
  • Perfect for supporting nurturing play.
  • Comes in 100% plastic free packaging.
  • Item no: 709924


Just like a real baby! Baby Annabell Active Alexander has a soft cuddly body and even more realistic functions than ever before, ready for your little one to love and nurture.

Baby Alexander has a wide range of realistic, interactive features. He can make crying noises when upset, but a cuddle or a tickle will make him giggle again. His mouth will move when drinking or sucking his dummy and his eyes gently close when you rock him to sleep. He will even make a baby pop sound when he has wind!

For more play opportunities, lift his legs over his tummy, towards his head, to initiate baby gym mode and he will make more giggling and baby talk sounds! For your child, the possibilities for fun are endless with Baby Alexander.

Offering a unique parenting experience for any child aged three or older, Baby Annabell Active Alexander is great for role playing and encouraging a caring nature in children. Add to possible play scenarios with our wide range of quality accessories for every step of Baby Alexander’s day. From waking for a morning feed, enjoying a walk in a lovely pram, and having a splash in the Baby Annabell bath, there’s so much fun to be had caring for Baby Alexander.

Includes 43cm soft body doll with blue romper, cap, bottle, dummy, bib, charm and baby album with sticker sheet.

Requires 3 x AA batteries.

Suitable for children aged 3+.

All our packaging is 100% plastic free.

Baby Annabell Active Alexander Interactive Doll 43cm


Baby Annabell Active Alexander 43cm

Meet Active Alexander

Meet adorable Baby Annabell Active Alexander! With realistic baby sounds, mouth movements, sleeping eyes, and NEW baby gymnastics  mode, he’s just like a real baby!

He comes with his own removable outfit, bib, bottle, dummy, birth certificate, and necklace, making him the perfect companion for endless play and nurturing fun for children aged 3+ years.

Time for a bottle

All that fun playing makes for thirsty work, and little ones will love bottle feeding Baby Alexander.

When you place the bottle into his mouth, watch as he moves his mouth realistically and his eyes gently open and close while making real drinking sounds! It’s a delightful and engaging experience that brings nurturing play to life.

Baby Gymnastics mode

Active Alexander loves doing his baby stretches. Listen as he makes new sounds when you stretch his legs towards his tummy, activating baby gymnastics mode.

Different movements will trigger different sounds as Alexander loves moving around! This can also be activated when you change his nappy, adding extra fun to playtime and care routines.

Interactive accessories

If Baby Alexander is unsettled, place the dummy in his mouth and ahhh… listen to how happy he sounds!

He really sucks his dummy—watch his mouth move and hear those soothing sounds. A  sign that your little doll parent is doing a great job, providing comfort and care just like a real parent!

Burping Baby Alexander

After his bottle feed, Alexander will need burping – just like a real baby!

Help him burp by gently tapping him on his upper back. Afterward, snuggle him back to the land of nod for continued nurturing and sweet playtime moments.

Tickle time

Give Alexander a tickle on his belly and he’ll respond by giggling away, so adorable!

Watch you don’t tickle him too much, as he might surprise you with a baby pop! Pardon you! These interactive moments make playing with Baby Alexander full of laughter and joy.

Soothing Baby Alexander

Oh what’s that crying, Alexander is feeling upset! To make him feel better, give him a hug and gently pat his back to soothe him.

These nurturing interactions help your little one learn empathy and caregiving skills while enjoying precious moments with Baby Alexander.

Sweet Dreams Alexander

It’s time for a nap Alexander. He’ll let his caring mummy or daddy know when he’s tired by making gentle yawning sounds, before drifting off and breathing deeply.

This realistic bedtime routine makes caring for Baby Alexander a delightful and comforting experience for your little one.