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Meet Baby Annabell Little Annabell & Alexander

Meet Little Annabell & Alexander! Smaller but twice as cute, these beloved babies are a hit with little ones over one year old.

Just like a real baby, they love snoozing, playing and being cared for! They each come with a romper, hat and bottle.


Sleepy eyes!

Lay Little Annabell or Little Alexander down and they’ll close their eyes and fall into a lovely slumber. Your caring little one will love tucking their darling baby up for naps – Little Annabell & Alexander are  so snuggly, they might even nod off themselves!


With their squidgy bodies, soft face and cute rompers, Little Annabell and Little Alexander are ready to deliver maximum cuddles! Their soft hats can be taken on and off, perfect for a little game of peek-a-boo!


Perfect size for smaller hands!

It’s always good to have someone to hold your hand – Little Annabell and Alexander are the perfect size for tots under three to practice grabbing and holding. Their dinky bodies also make it even easier to cuddle up close!



Nurturing play

Is that Little Annabell’s or Little Alexander’s tummy gurgling? Luckily, they come with their own dinky pink bottle, so your sweet nurturer can play-pretend – feeding, caring and looking after their own precious baby!



Adorable outfits!

Designed for small hands to learn taking off and dressing, Little Annabell’s and Alexander’s sheep-covered rompers and hat are perfect for imaginative roleplay. There also lots more 36cm sized outfits to play dress up with their babies.