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Meet Little Alexander

A snoozy, cheerful cutie who just loves to cuddle, that’s Little Alexander! With eyes that really close and a gorgeously soft body, this dinky doll is hard to put down. He comes with a romper, hat and bottle.

Baby Annabell Little Alexander




Shhh…baby’s sleeping!

This gentle boy wants someone to snuggle up with! Lay his cuddly body down and watch as his chocolate-coloured eyes close, dozing into the lovely land of nod.

Play all day!

Little Alexander is full of fun! Wake him up and feed him from his bottle… Yum! Then, it’s time for games! Toddlers will love looking after their friendly boy, developing their imagination and empathy from the age of one.

Baby Annabell Little Alexander

Baby Annabell Little Alexander

Let’s cuddle!

Little Alexander is just toasty in his dreamy blue outfit! It’s irresistibly soft over his squidgy fabric body, full of cuddly comfort. Give him a hug and see how happy it makes him!

Perfectly sized for little hands!

Perfectly sized for babies and toddlers to play with, grab, cuddle and adore! Little Alexander is nice and dinky for on-the-go hugs, so he never has to leave your side!

Baby Annabell Little Alexander

Baby Annabell Little Alexander

Adorable outfit!

Little Alexander is a stylish baby! His easy-fit romper has a playful design and comes with a baby-blue hat covered in music notes! Designed for tots to start practicing putting clothes on and taking them off.