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A day with Baby Annabell


8:00am - Rise and shine

Wakey wakey, Little Annabell!

Good morning! Little Annabell stirs and happily rouses from her deep sleep – she’s so comfy in her adorable Baby Annabell Little Sleep Set, after all! We don’t blame you for wanting to stay snug, Little Annabell, but ‘rise and shine!’ – you’ve got lots planned today! Get her dressed in the Baby Annabell Little Play Outfit, and she’s all ready for a day of fun, fun, fun.


9:00am - Breakfast time

Little Annabell’s tummy is gurgling – she’s ready for her breakfast!

Pop her bib on (from the Baby Annabell Little Feeding Set) and give her a bottle. What a lovely start to her day.


10:30am - It's off to the park

The sun’s out… Time for a walk!

Baby Annabell loves the fresh air – and loves the park even more! There’s so much to see! Buckle her safely into her stroller and pack all her outing essentials (nappies, dummy etc) into the bag and she’s all set. Baby Annabell loves to visit the duck pond and watch all the other children playing. And pssst… we’ve heard that Baby Alexander is also at the park with his mummy – what a lovely surprise if she were to bump into him!


12pm - Lunch time

What would you like to eat, Baby Annabell?

If Baby Annabell doesn’t like her food, she’ll soon let you know! Lunch Time Annabell has so much fun at mealtimes! She’s got a big appetite and really eats – listen to her smacking her lips! Double up on the fun with the Baby Annabell Lunch Time Table and find out what she loves (and not-so-loves) to eat!


1pm – Zzz

Time to sleep off all that food

It’s time for a mid-afternoon nap. Lunch Time Annabell has a full tummy and needs to rest! She knows when she’s eaten too much – lay her down and watch her eyes close as she happily drifts off.


3pm – It’s playtime

Bouncing, bouncing, bouncing!

Baby Annabell loves to play in her walker. She can stretch her legs and move around to take in her surroundings! I spy with my little eye…


4pm – Enjoying on-the-go cuddles

Let’s get some fresh air, Baby Annabell

Baby Annabell loves being strapped to her mummy or daddy in her Active Cocoon Carrier – this way she can feel really close to them and snuggle in tight. Head out of the house and for a walk around the block to take in the birds singing and watch all the cars!


7pm – Goodnight – it’s bedtime

Sweet dreams, little one

Introduce your little one to Baby Annabell Sleep Well for babies! With her soothing tones, she helps tiny tots fall to sleep easily. If it’s their bedtime too, record a lullaby or story with your own voice to gently lull them off to the land of nod. Hush now, Baby Annabell.