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Baby Annabell is going green!

As of 2021, Baby Annabell is eliminating plastic from packaging as far as possible! We’re aiming to be plastic-free in packaging by the end of 2022! We understand how important it is to avoid single-use plastic packaging. Support us in our pledge!




We care about our children’s future

A healthy planet means a healthy future and a whole world of possibility for our little ones. We’re doing our bit to contribute to a sustainable future, creating a better world for our children to inherit. We’re doing this by giving preference to materials that are easier to be recycled and, from 2021 moving towards a more sustainable packaging concept.

Reducing our environmental footprint

We’re working hard to reduce our impact on the environment – we want to bring you products that, quite literally, don’t cost the earth. We’re committed to working in a way that promotes green practice and cares for and protects our environment. This is our ever-evolving project and we’ll continue to make the right decisions to limit as far as is possible our impact on the environment.

Goodbye to single-use plastic

Wherever you see our ‘We care for Kids’ sunflower logo you can be assured that our packaging is free from single-use plastic and safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit towards a better future for our children.

A world of play

Our customers will continue to benefit from the same quality product, many packaged in fuss-free, recyclable packaging. We’re working hard to eliminate plastic viewing windows (instead they’ll feature large, detailed images), plastic blisters or fasteners, and there will be minimal use of adhesive tape and paper and cardboard coatings.