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Baby Annabell packaging is going plastic-free!

As of 2021, Baby Annabell is eliminating plastic from packaging as far as possible! We’re aiming to be plastic-free in packaging by the end of 2022! We understand how important it is to avoid single-use plastic packaging and we will contribute to protecting our environment by giving preference to materials that are easier to recycle.




We care about our children’s future

A healthy planet means a healthy future and a whole world of possibility for our little ones. We understand that children and parents want to avoid disposable plastic packaging; by making this switch, we are contributing to protecting our environment. We’re doing this by giving preference to materials that are easier to be recycled and, from 2021 moving towards a more sustainable packaging concept.

Reducing our environmental footprint

Since going plastic-free we’ve already saved over 40 tonnes of single-use plastic…that weights as much as eight Elephants!

We’re working hard to reduce our impact on the environment – we want to bring you products that, quite literally, don’t cost the earth. We’re committed to working in a way that promotes green practice and cares for and protects our environment. All plastic elements such as viewing windows, blisters, foil bags or fastenings are being replaced by recyclable materials step by step – whether for dolls, clothing or accessories.

What does plastic-free packaging mean?

The new packaging is identified by a sunflower and can be disposed of with waste paper. With this initiative, Zapf Creation is a real pioneer in plastic-free packaging in the doll industry.

Plastic free packaging means:

  • No plastic blisters
  • No plastic fasteners
  • No plastic windows in the packaging
  • Minimal use of adhesive tape
  • Printing on paper and cardboard with water-soluble inks

What does plastic-free packaging mean for you as a customer?

One positive side effect of this change is that unpacking a Baby Annabell doll is now even easier, more exciting and fun for children. Our customers will continue to benefit from the same quality product, now packaged in fuss-free, recyclable packaging.  Once opened the packaging can then simply be disposed of with the waste paper.

The Baby Annabell dolls themselves are still made of plastic in order to live up to their promise of high quality and many years of use as an everyday companion, as well as to comply with safety regulations.