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Baby Annabell Active Leah Interactive Doll 43cm


NEW Functions & Sounds

Baby Annabell Active Leah Interactive Doll 43cm


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  • Irresistibly soft body and beautifully dressed.
  • Interactive features include sound function (with realistic baby noises) and closing eyes.
  • Includes 43cm soft body doll with outfit, bottle, dummy, bib and charm.
  • Comes in 100% plastic free and fully recyclable, fuss-free packaging.
  • Suitable for children aged 3+.
  • Requires batteries (not included).
  • Item no: 706640


Create special moments with Baby Annabell Active Leah! With the sweetness and charm of a real baby, Baby Leah has a soft cuddly body and even more realistic functions than ever before, ready for your little one to love and nurture.

Baby Leah has a wide range of realistic, interactive features. Watch her mouth move and hear her suck her bottle when you feed her, hear her giggle when you tickle her tummy, and watch her gently close her eyes as you rock her to sleep. She’ll even make a baby pop sound when she has wind! For more play opportunities, lift her legs over her tummy, towards her head, to initiate baby gym mode and she will make more giggling and baby talk sounds! For your child, the possibilities for fun are endless with Baby Leah.

Offering a unique parenting experience, Baby Annabell Active Leah is great for roleplaying and encouraging a caring nature in children. Add to possible play scenarios with our wide range of quality accessories for every step of Baby Leah’s day. From changing her into different outfits, taking her with you on a walk in her cacoon baby carrier, and feeding her bottle before bed, there’s so much fun to be had caring for Baby Leah.

Includes 43cm soft body doll with purple romper, cap, bottle, dummy, bib, charm and baby album with sticker sheet.

Requires 3 x AA batteries.

Suitable for children aged 3+.

All our packaging is 100% plastic free.

Baby Annabell Active Leah Interactive Doll 43cm


Baby Annabell Active Leah 43cm

Meet Baby Leah

Meet adorable Baby Leah! With her lifelike features such as sucking her dummy, baby sounds and sleeping eyes, Leah is just like a real baby!

Suitable for doll parents aged 3+ years, Leah is ready to play with her lilac romper, bib, bottle, dummy, birth certificate and necklace all included.

Feeding Time

Leah is feeling hungry, it’s time for her bottle!.

Place the bottle in Leah’s mouth and watch as they move their mouth realistically. Her eyes also gently open and close while making real drinking sounds!

Realistic Baby Noises

After feeding Baby Leah will need winding. Just like a real baby, tap Leah’s back and wait for her to burp!

She also giggles, gurgles and you may even hear a pop off when you’re changing her nappy.

Sucks her dummy

Oh no, Leah is crying , place the dummy in her mouth when she’s unsettled and listen as she soothes herself!

Watch Leah’s mouth move as she really sucks her dummy and gently closes her eyes, she’s content now.


Listen to Baby Leah dissolve into a fit of giggles when you tickle her tummy!

Leah loves to interact with her doll parent, she’ll giggle, gurgle and even say “Mama” when you play with her, how adorable.

Time for some baby exercises!

Baby Leah love doing some baby stretches, listen as she makes new sounds when you stretch their legs towards their tummies, activating baby gym mode.

Different movements will trigger different sounds as Leah love moving around! This can also be activated when you change her nappies!

Sweet Dreams Leah

Lay Baby Leah down and she’ll gently close her eyes and fall into a lovely slumber.

Better still, Leah loves being rocked to sleep! They’ll let their caring mummy or daddy know when they are tired by making gentle yawning sounds, before drifting off and breathing deeply.

Comforting cuddles!

Oh no, don’t cry baby Leah! When upset Leah loves to have a cuddle with her doll parent. Listen as your cuddles soothe her, she also loves a gentle pat on the back, just like a real baby.

After a loving cuddle Leah will soon be  back to her happy and laughing self again!