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Baby Annabell Emily Walk With Me 43cm


I can crawl & walk!

Baby Annabell Emily Walk With Me 43cm


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  • Baby Annabell Emily walk with me 43cm doll with pink romper and hat
  • Emily can crawl on her own and take her first steps with you holding her hands!
  • Press her tummy button to hear her giggle
  • Rock her to sleep and hear her make sleeping sounds
  • Watch her kick her legs and move her arms when sitting
  • Soothe her crying with a cuddle and pat on the back
  • Goes perfectly with the Baby Annabell Active Baby Walker.
  • Suitable for children aged 3+.
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries.
  • Comes in 100% plastic-free, recyclable packaging.
  • Item no: 710623


Ready, set, go! Baby Annabell Emily walk with me is on the move!

Bringing even more fun to every day adventures, this adorable doll comes with 6 realistic features to enhance your child’s imaginative play.

Set her into the crawling position and she will crawl by herself! Start her off on all fours and watch as she struggles to crawl, you might hear some crying sounds but that’s not for long, Emily is clever and soon she’s off, crawling along the floor! Push her tummy button and she’ll do it again and again. You can even help her take her first steps. Carefully click her into the standing position by straightening her legs and pulling her arms up and then hold her hands whilst she starts to walk with your help. Don’t worry, if she stumbles and starts to cry, you can quickly soothe her with a cuddle and patting her on her back. When sitting upright, you can tilt her backwards and watch her kick her legs and move her arms whilst making the cutest baby sounds when you press her belly button. After all that hard work, when it’s time to sleep Emily will make yawning and sleeping sounds when rocked and her eyes close when laid down for bed.

Emily walk with me wears a cute pink romper with a matching hat. With the quality and expertise you would expect from Baby Annabell, she’s the perfect doll for encouraging your little one’s nurturing side with imaginative role play.

Suitable for children aged 3+
Requires 3x AA Batteries
Comes in 100% Plastic Free Packaging

Widen her world with accessories and clothing from the Baby Annabell range. From waking in the morning and learning to crawl to taking a ride in her lovely pram, your little ones will love spending the day with Emily. For added play value, Emily walk with me fits perfectly with the Baby Annabell RC Walker.

With advanced functionality, we recommend that you read the instructions before play.


Baby Annabell Emily Walk With Me 43cm


Baby Annabell Emily Walk With Me 43cm

Meet Emily Walk With Me

This sweet baby girl can crawl all by herself! And with a helping hand, she can even take small steps standing up – amazing!

Suitable for Little ones aged 3+ years, they will love helping Emily find her feet, toddling and babbling along with her!


Crawls on her own!

Helping Emily crawl is pure joy! Simply place her on all fours and watch as she learns to make her way forward on her hands and knees.

Whoosh – she’s soon crawling like a clever kitten! Little ones will love to cheer her on. What a big girl!

She really walks!

Now she’s mastered her crawl, Emily is ready to learn to walk – but she will need help!

Doting doll parents will be all smiles, holding her hands and encouraging her as she takes small steps forward. Go Emily!

Adorable sounds!

From babbling to crying, the oh-so-adorable Emily makes the cutest baby-like sounds!

Your little one will love nurturing her when she sobs, giving her lots of hugs to soothe her back to her lively self! Sit her up and she’ll giggle away kicking her legs playfully.

Rock her to sleep!

After a long day of crawling and playing Emily is feeling a bit tired. Gently rock her in your arms and she’ll make yawning and sleeping sounds.

Her eyes will also close when she is laid down to sleep…night night Emily.