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BABY born Teddy Bear White


I'm in the animated series!
835388_BB_Bear_White_main image
835388_BB_Bear_White_main image
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835388_BB_Bear_White_best friend
835388_BB_Bear_White_posable body
835388_BB_Bear_White_soft body
835388_BB_Bear_White_clothes swap
835388_BB_Bear_White_43cm clothing.v2
835388_BB_Bear_White_adorable features
835388_BB_Bear_White_branded paw
835388_BB_Bear_White_friendship booklet
835388_BB_Bear_White_from birth
835388_BB_Bear_White_36cm sized
835388_BB_Bear_White_Bear Range
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BABY born Teddy Bear White


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  • A new best friend for BABY born, Teddy!
  • With a cuddly, soft body for lots of snuggles.
  • Posable arms and legs for playing and changing clothes.
  • Dressed in a lovely white romper and comes with a friendship booklet.
  • Can fit all of BABY born’s 43cm clothing and accessories.
  • Featured in the NEW animated series
  • Suitable for children aged 0+.
  • BABY born Doll not included.
  • Item no: 835388


A new best friend for BABY born, the adorable and super cuddly BABY born Teddy!

As featured in the NEW BABY born animated series, together BABY born and Teddy can go on so many adventures… they can have a fashion show, ride the same Scooter, share the same pushchair… Teddy has been designed to fit all of BABY born’s 43cm clothes (except shoes) and accessories!

It’s soft, cuddly body is great for snuggles and the posable arms and legs make playing and changing clothes even more realistic.

BABY born Teddy comes dressed in a lovely white romper and also has a friendship booklet where the child can pick Teddy’s birthday, favourite foods and activities!

Little ones aged 0+ will love adding the Teddy into their BABY born family for endless love and adventures alongside their favourite doll.

Suitable for children from birth. For enhanced and long-lasting fun through imaginative play with dolls and plush toys.

BABY born Teddy Bear White


BABY born Bear