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Meet BABY born Play & Style Sisters and Brother!

What shall we do today? Create our own dance, yoga session, practise our ballet? It’s all possible with the Play and Style Sisters and Brother!

These superposable dolls have moveable arms, leg, head and hip joints, ready for more grown up play. They come with stylish accessories too!


Strike a pose

The BABY born Play and Style Sisters and Brother love to strike a pose!

With their flexible knee and elbow joints they are able to stand on their own as well as lift up the arms and legs for added fun at playtime.



Added Flexibility

The Play and Style Sisters and Brother have the added flexibility of a moveable hip joint.

This means the dolls can swivel their hips and bend their bodies, and even do the splits! Dance moves are easier than ever with BABY born Play and Style!




Change up their style

The BABY born Play and Style siblings all come with stylable high quality hair. They come with their own brush or comb to help keep their hair in good condition.

The Sister also come with lots of hair accessories so you can create fun hair styles and re style over and over again.



Let’s play dress up!

As well as coming dressed in stylish outfits, the Sisters and Brother can also change into any of BABY born’s 43cm clothing.

Their flexible elbow and knee joints make changing much easier and quicker and as they are able to stand on their own more fun can be had with playing dress up.



Turn heads!

We’re not just talking about their style, the BABY born Play & Style Sisters and Brother can literally turn their heads!

With their flexible head joint the are able to fully turn their heads from left to right and also look up and down.


Bathtime fun!

Bathtime is always exciting but your little one can take BABY born Sister and Brother in for playtime too!

They are fully bathable, including their hair, so they can relax in the tub after a long day of playing.