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Mother’s Day ideas for little ones

There’s nothing like seeing your thoughtful tot beam after doing something special for a loved one. Mother’s Day is the sweetest opportunity for partners to help little loves show their appreciation, by making the day extra special.

From expressing emotions to nourishing creativity, Mother’s Day ideas such as card-making and homemade gifts bring all kinds of benefits for both you as parents, and your little one. Plus, there’s never a bad time to show a mummy just how loved and appreciated she is!

To help inspire nurturing and thoughtfulness in your toddler, give these Mother’s Day surprise ideas a whirl together and make memories to cherish forever.

Whip up some Mother’s Day treats

Home-baked goods make everyone feel special. If your own cute chef helps whip up a treat, you’ll love seeing their delight at all your ‘mmm, yummy!’ reactions. Some simple Mother’s Day cake ideas that little hands can help with include:


  • Vanilla cupcake bouquet. Get your budding baker to help with stirring some classic vanilla cupcake mixture before you pop it in the oven. Then, create a simple cream frosting, adding different colours before piping them onto the cupcakes in swirly patterns. Arrange all the colourful cupcakes in a flower shape and voila – your vanilla bouquet is ready to serve to mama! 
  • Gooey chocolate crispies. Tots love helping to make batches of super-easy crispie cakes – especially stirring the chocolatey mixture together and spooning into paper cases! Then all you need to do is decorate with mum’s favourite sweets or sprinkles and pop them in the fridge to set.


Make a Mother’s Day card

From easy print-outs to fun finger painting, these homemade Mother’s Day card ideas are both thoughtful and creative. 

  • Best friend cards. If you’re short on time, this best friend card can be printed off and given to your little one to colour in as one of the easiest homemade Mother’s Day card ideas. Mums are often a child’s first best friend and this heart-meltingly cute option is sure to go down with ‘awwww’s a-plenty! 
  • Affirmation cards. To remind mum how wonderful she’s doing, these beautiful affirmation cards can also be printed off for your little one to give to mum. From mantras such as ‘I am doing an amazing job’ to ‘Today I’m making time for me’, they’re a gorgeous gift to help busy mothers stay present and positive.
  • Fingerprint cards. For homemade Mother’s Day card ideas that even the teeniest hands can get involved with, keeping it simple is often most effective. Get out the finger paints and go wild with handprints and fingerprints on paper. Toddlers and older children will love using felt tip pens and their imagination to see what they can turn their prints into – give your handprint a stalk and leaves and it’s a beautiful flower for mum! When you look back in years to come, you won’t believe how tiny those hands once were!


Get creative with Mother’s Day crafts

Giving mum some time for self-care has got to be top of the list for Mother’s Day ideas. Make her bathtime extra special by crafting some indulgent bath treats she can enjoy while soaking. You could make your own bath bombs from a kit or make fragrant bath sachets using rectangular coffee filters and ground lavender, chamomile, or mint. Simply place your herbs in the centre of the filter, fold up the sides, and help your little one staple the edges. Adorning them with homemade decorative labels or dinky gift bags adds an extra personal touch that’s sure to warm mum’s heart!


Other quick Mother’s Day crafts you could do together: 

  • Plant her some seeds in a hand-painted pot.
  • Gather some family photos and put them together in a scrapbook album.
  • Write a poem or song featuring your favourite things about mum.

Plan a Mother’s Day outing

Encourage kindness and empathetic thinking by planning a surprise day trip that mum will love. Where would she go if she could choose? What picnic can you pack that will make her smile? Little chefs will love preparing the snacks, while planners will thrive on making an itinerary for the day – and of course, Baby Annabell can come too! Let savvy stylers dress their babe in her special Baby Annabell Deluxe Spring set – a pastel-perfect outfit, perfect for Mother’s Day.

Whatever you decide to do, these joyful Mother’s Day ideas all help your little one understand how to make others feel loved and appreciated. Whether you opt for crafting a gentle gift or planning a grand gesture, you’ll have plenty of fun being creative together and mum will be bound to appreciate all the thought, time, and effort you’ve put in.

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