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Christmas gifts for toddlers: Our 2023 guide

It’s the most magical time of the year… almost. With Father Christmas’ exciting visit getting closer and closer comes the delightful dilemma of finding the perfect Christmas gift for toddlers, something that will keep them stimulated and develop their nurturing side.

Here, we highlight the most wonderful presents for three-year-olds (and younger). Whatever they’re into – there’s a surprise in Baby Annabell’s world ready to bring big smiles to your little one’s face on the morning of the 25th.


Christmas gifts for tots aged one to two

Sweet and snuggly Baby Annabell dolls for one-year-olds and two-year-olds are specially designed to help little ones begin to develop nurturing and compassion. But for all their softness, they’re still jam-packed with magical features for all-day play this Christmas.

Baby Annabell Little 

Little Annabell, Little Alexander and Little Sophia are charming Christmas gifts for one-year-old babes that really close their eyes. Smaller in size but twice as cute, they’re easy for small hands to learn to grasp, nurture, and nap with. For the royal tot, unwrapping Baby Annabell Little Sweet Princess will put the biggest smiles on their face. She loves to give kisses (although it makes her cheeks really blush!) and her high-quality hair is a joy to brush and style.



My First Bath Annabell

Sensory play is so important for sweet young babes, and bathtime is a brilliant opportunity to engage all their senses. Teeny splashers will love receiving Baby Annabell My First Bath Annabell for Christmas – her squidgy-soft body is filled with granules so dinky bathers can swoosh her through the water with ease. She comes with her own adorable swimming costume and cap, and, once dry, has movable limbs and closable eyes when she lays down so tots can easily cuddle up with her for a wholesome snooze.



Christmas gifts for three-year-old tots onwards

As little ones grow, they engage with their toys in different ways. The best baby doll presents for three-year-olds and older toddlers are a bit more action-packed, with plenty of props for plenty of variation in pretend play scenarios.


Baby Annabell Active

There’s a new 43cm doll in town – meet Baby Annabell Active Annabell, Alexander, and Leah! Lift their legs to activate baby gym mode and hear brand new sounds – these dolls just love doing baby gymnastics. With intuitive play patterns, little ones can have lots of fun releasing all that Christmas excitement with relaxing baby stretches. Baby Annabell Active is packed with lifelike functions, including realistic mouth movements, and all-new eye movements. When it’s time for a nap, this clever dolly closes and opens their eyes themselves when rocked or sucking on their dummy. Worn-out wonders can tuck their sweetie into the Sweet Dreams Crib, or snuggle into Baby Annabell Active’s soft cuddly body for a shared snooze.



Baby Annabell Day & Night Changing Table

Of all the gifts for three-year-olds who love Baby Annabell, the Baby Annabell Day & Night Changing Table is one of the cutest. It’s the perfect accessory to lay Baby Annabell Active down on and start her baby gym mode, with a comfy mattress for her to baby stretch while your mini nurturer changes her nappy or gets her dressed for the day, after a bath, or ready for bed. Underneath, there are shelves and hanging space for all of Baby Annabell’s clothing – making it the ideal storage solution for your little one’s doll accessories. For extra loveliness come dawn or dusk, this special changing table has a window that can change from day to night – perfect for pretend play any time of the day. It even plays a soothing lullaby, so mini nurturers can comfort their dolly while they change them.



Baby Annabell Emily Walk With Me

Baby Annabell Emily Walk With Me is such a big girl, and little ones will delight in helping her learn to walk. The perfect Christmas gift for three-year-olds and over, the bestselling babbling Emily comes with six realistic features: she can crawl on her own, take her first steps (holding her special doll mummy or daddy’s hands), kicks her legs and shakes her arms while sitting, giggles when you press her tummy, closes her eyes and makes sleeping sounds when you lay her down or rock her, and can be soothed when crying with a lovely cuddle or pat on the back!

While Baby Annabell Emily Walk With Me is a mini mover, they are still a baby, so they might need more help sometimes. But guess what? This Christmas, little ones can safely pop their favourite dolly in the Baby Annabell Active Baby Walker, and, using a special remote control, make Baby Annabell move in all sorts of directions – forward, backward, and even sideways! Even more fun, this lamb-faced walker even makes sounds – beep beep!



Cute clothing and accessories

With the festive season comes lots of parties! Keep your lovable tot entertained on the lead up to the 25th with the Baby Annabell Advent Calendar Party Fun. There are 24 surprises to uncover, from fluffy coats and booties to fairy wings and crowns – it even has a stocking to hang for Baby Annabell on Christmas Eve! Meanwhile, the  Baby Annabell First Arrival Set is jam-packed with adorable clothes and accessories for dinky doll parents to practise getting their own cutie ready with.

For mini fashionistas, Baby Annabell’s Deluxe Clothing collection is a dream. This squirrel hoody and tutu set is a gorgeous wardrobe addition for any keen doll parent to dress their babe up in, while the Deluxe Rain Set and Deluxe Wintertime outfit will keep them dry and toasty (not to mention trendy) on chilly days out. And imagine their face when they find a Deluxe Glamour outfit for their precious dolly under the tree – complete with a sparkling headband!  

Let little ones wake up to these magical Christmas gifts for toddlers and older tots, and savour the most precious family moments as they play all day and beyond.