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The best Easter activities for children

With the flowers blossoming and the sun gracing the sky once again, spring is the perfect time of year to get little ones involved in celebrating nature and new beginnings. From simple Easter craft activities to exciting outdoor adventures, here we explore the best family activities for Easter.


Go on an Easter scavenger hunt

The weather is warming up, beckoning us into the great outdoors. Get Baby Annabell dressed for the season in one of her adorable springtime outfits and explore nature together with a fun scavenger hunt! Simply download and print our outdoors activity sheet and you’re ready to go. This engaging little Easter activity is a lovely way to help your little one connect to nature, and will aid the development of their observational skills as they tick the items off their list.


Get creative with Easter craft activities

Not only do Easter craft activities keep your little one concentrating (helping to improve their focus), they also provide an opportunity for them to create something they can be proud of, giving them a sense of achievement. From decorating eggs with glitter glue and stickers to making an Easter bunny from cotton wool balls and even crafting an Easter bonnet, there are plenty of Easter craft activities to explore. Once your little artist has finished their work, they could even hold their very own Easter parade to show off their creations to friends and family.


Pack up a springtime picnic

If the sun is shining, it’s time to pack up your favourite foods and head to the garden or park. Enhance the festivities by dressing in fresh spring colours – Baby Annabell looks just adorable in her Deluxe Butterfly Dress and her pretty pink Little Sweet Dress! As well as packing picnic favourites like sandwiches and sausage rolls, you could include dishes that use seasonal spring vegetables like a new potato salad, carrot sticks, and coleslaw to help your little one learn more about how and when our food grows.


Bake some Easter treats

If you’re after Easter activities for toddlers who love getting sticky, then a spot of baking is a great way to get creative with your little one. Whip up a batch of Easter nests or use up leftover Easter chocolate to make brownies or rocky road. Afterwards, you could package up your treats with pretty boxes and ribbons and give them away as Easter gifts to help spread the seasonal joy.



Plant some springtime seeds

Teach your little one how to care for living things by planting some seeds together and watching them grow over time. Show your tiny gardener how to make a little hole in the soil to pop their seeds into, before gently covering over with loose earth and giving it a good watering. All that’s left is to place your pots somewhere light to give your seeds everything they need to flourish.

While it may take a little patience, your little ones will be fascinated when those green shoots pop through the soil! Cress, beans and sunflower seeds are low-maintenance and fast-growing, making them perfect for little gardeners to try out their green fingers for the first time.


We’d love to see how you’re using Easter activities as a chance to bond with your little one, so be sure to share your magical moments with us on Facebook and Instagram! Looking for more play inspiration? Explore our play ideas.