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Learning about self-expression: let’s play dress up with BABY born

Dress up and roleplay in children’s early years is great fun – but so much more than this, it helps them build skills they’ll carry with them through life. 

Playing dress up is a key part of growing up and contributes to their self-expression in a big way. And BABY born can join in this wonderful journey! 

The new BABY born clothing range for spring/summer 2022 features key items to encourage them to experiment with self-expression through doll play! With sweet themes and bright colours, the dress code this season is: playful!

Here, we take a look at our favourite outfits in the range for playing dress up with BABY born, whichever side of themselves they feel like exploring and expressing. 


Playing make believe

Your child’s imagination will take care of all the storytelling behind theirs and BABY born’s dress-up play – but it can’t harm to nudge it in the right direction! Whimsical ideas and the best stories come from fantastical outfits and encourage them to become someone or something else, just for a little while. BABY born Unicorn Onesie is the perfect outfit for warmer springtime days and for children express their creative side too. The cute characters on the outfits and the detailed design will be loved by your little one!


Playing grown-ups and parenting

For the times they like to mimic mummy or daddy’s role and enjoy ‘parent-child’ roleplay, they’ll naturally show their developing ‘responsible’ side, as well as demonstrate empathy and a caring personality. For this type of play, choose clothes for BABY born that reinforce their growing sense of routine. BABY born Romper (in pink or blue) is a great dressing-up outfit for BABY born, whether it’s naptime or all-day-long play! Plus, the sweet bunny and bear character prints on the rompers make BABY born irresistibly cuddly and your child’s play even more adorable! 


Playing the life and soul of the party

Who doesn’t love a party and all the sparkly, colourful dress up that goes with it? Children do, that’s for sure, and doll play is great for exciting party themes and make-believe characters as the party guests! BABY born Dress Flowers, with its bunny-and-flowers design, is the perfect outfit for our girl to feel like she’s getting her glad-rags on! Meanwhile, BABY born Fantasy Deluxe Princess dress will see BABY born steal the show as a unicorn princess with a magical gold wand!


Playing special occasion

Whether there’s a birthday or special occasion coming up, or your child is simply feeling in the mood to get dressed up, there’s a BABY born outfit to complement! The spring-summer 2022 collection is all about boho and flower power! BABY born Dress Flowers and Trendy Jeans make the perfect doll outfits for summer-day dressing up – whether it’s to head to the park or for a fancy tea party in the garden! With pretty sleeves, playful ruffles and delicate flower prints, this is the sweetest BABY born clothing range! If the weather’s a little cooler, BABY born Deluxe Cold Day Set is the one! Featuring a trendy hat with the messaging ‘Girlz Gang’, your child feels part of a close-knit friendship group and the fun is never-ending! 


Playing at just chillin’

Like everyone else, BABY born loves relaxing days spent in comfy casuals – and for those playtimes where the ultimate in casual chic fashion is required, the new range has it covered. BABY born Sneakers Pink and BABY born Sneakers Silver are an on-trend go to, while BABY born Jogging Suits mean BABY born can join your mini athlete if they choose to get sporty while imagining a cheering crowd! Relaxed morning with friends? BABY born’s Deluxe Jeans Dress outfit is super-comfy and a great take on the denim-on-stripes combo that’s all the rage at the moment! 


As your child goes through this period of discovery and learning all about self-expression, there’s a BABY born outfit to suit every interest, emotion and mood! Discover the wider BABY born clothing range