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How to host the ultimate Easter egg hunt

With Easter just around the corner, now’s the time to get planning the ultimate Easter egg hunt. A treasured tradition, Easter egg hunts are a well-loved activity of this springtime holiday, adored by children of all ages. Whether planning for your little one or a whole host of their friends, here we suggest Easter egg hunt ideas to excite and delight, from hiding places and clue prompts, to outfit and prize ideas. Hop to it!


How to make your own Easter egg hunt kit

So, what does the ultimate Easter egg hunt kit include? First and foremost, you’ll need eggs for hiding, plus hiding places. Whether you dish out clues to these hiding places is up to you – letting your mini one freely search the house or garden can be just as much fun (although potentially more of a challenge). To elevate the festivities, you can also put up seasonal decorations, and provide clothing for BABY born and your little one to ensure they look the part.



First things first: set up the Easter egg hunt

Whether the eggs you’re using are decorative, chocolate, or simply printed pictures, hiding places that get your little Easter chick searching high and low are sure to have them hopping with excitement. If possible, hiding eggs outside is a great way to encourage creative outdoor play and plenty of fresh air. Wherever you choose to host the hunt, decorations add an extra special touch – anything from seasonal wreaths and Easter trees, to figures of bunnies and chicks, or a cheerful bunch of daffodils.



Help it along with Easter egg hunt clues

The Easter egg hunt should be challenging, but not so difficult that the fun is taken out of it! Providing your tot with simple Easter egg hunt clues, plus a BABY born Baby Carrier to bring their best doll friend along for the adventure, will help to make this seasonal activity one they’ll cherish for years to come. 

Our favourite Easter egg hunt clues are those that rhyme. Not only do they bring a fun, whimsical feel, identifying a rhyming word helps little ones solve the riddle more easily. For example:

  • ‘This place is where you lay your head! Check under the pillow on your ____.’
  • ‘I have four legs to keep me stable – look for your next clue under the ____.’
  • ‘The eggs are escaping! They won’t get far – make sure they don’t drive off in the _____.’
  • ‘If you’re in a snacking mood, head here to find some chilly food.’
  • ‘Well done, that’s great, you’re nearly there! Now check the place you wash your hair.’



Put a spring in their step with cute clothing

What better way to get in the Easter spirit than by looking the part? Perhaps the Easter bunny could leave your little one an adorable seasonal outfit to wear throughout the day, not forgetting BABY born, too! Your own cutie can ensure BABY born comfortably completes the Easter egg hunt in her super-snuggly pink romper, before celebrating the spoils of the hunt in her beautiful bunny dress or her pretty flower dress, with cute bunny and spring design either is just perfect for celebrating Easter.


Present the perfect prizes

When it comes to gifts and prizes, you can’t go wrong with delicious Easter-themed chocolate or sweets. Saying that, if you don’t want your little bunny to be bouncing off the walls all day, a seasonal outfit for BABY born makes a fun, long-lasting alternative. Coming in it’s own pink egg, the BABY born Easter Egg features a super cute bunny onesie, complete with bunny ear hood! This set is just perfect for Easter and beyond, keeping your mini one entertained much longer than a few bites of chocolate can.


Have our Easter egg hunt ideas got you feeling inspired? Discover more suggestions for adventures with BABY born to create magical memories all year round.