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Creative Outdoor Play With BABY born

Summer is here, and what’s more fun than playing out in the sunshine? The benefits of creative outdoor play are endless, helping children to develop their gross and fine motor physical skills, social and emotional skills and more, as well as being great for their health and hours of fun! Here, we provide inspiration for outdoor creative play ideas that encourage imaginative outside play with BABY born.


Hold a pirate-worthy treasure hunt


Is there anything more thrilling than a treasure hunt? Whether you hide dress jewellery (‘precious jewels’), spare change (‘pirate doubloons’) or even toy dinosaurs (‘ancient fossils’), your little one will revel in the excitement of uncovering lost artefacts.

Not only does this kind of creative play outdoors have a positive impact on mental wellbeing, it also helps little ones connect with nature as they hunt through their surroundings. And with the lovely warm weather, there’s never been a better time for your little one to get out and about with BABY born – just make sure she has comfortable shoes on!


Host a picnic

Picnics are proof that creative outdoor play spaces can be as simple as a blanket spread across the floor, with a few plates and cups to roleplay with. A fantastic way to spend time with family and make memories to last a lifetime, summer activities don’t get much more magical than a picnic with BABY born!

After gathering some cherished soft toys and dressing BABY born in the Trendy Flowerdress, encourage your little one to cosy up on the picnic blanket and tell adventure-filled stories to each other. Little ones will love to roleplay too, making tiny doll-sized sandwiches and sipping ice-cold drinks. They could even snuggle down in the BABY born Sleeping Bag for an al-fresco post-picnic nap!


Play hide and seek


Creative outdoor play ideas don’t come more well-loved than a classic game of hide-and-seek! Why not let BABY born play too? Her dinky size means she can hide in the smallest spaces, adding an extra challenge that little ones will love. Alternate BABY born’s hiding places from high up to low-down so your little one gets an added stretch while seeking.

For a fun twist on hide-and-seek that’s perfect for several players, ‘sardines’ is bound to get your little one and their friends giggling away! In this variation, only one person hides and the others must find them, hiding with them when they do so. The hiding places become progressively more cramped – just like sardines in a tin! The last person to find the hiding group becomes the hider for the next round. Make sure BABY born is part of the fun by popping her into the BABY born Carrier Seat so she can squirrel away with your little one!


Play explorers

Whatever the weather, exploring outside is always a ton of fun! If it’s raining, embrace it with an adventure – BABY born is suitable for getting wet and the rain adds to the excitement! Encourage your little one to dress BABY born in the Deluxe Rain Set before donning their own raincoat, so that you can all splash around in puddles together, and even enjoy getting muddy,! For extra inspiration, our outdoors activity sheet has all kinds of inspiring suggestions.


Embrace messy play!

Creative outdoor play spaces are almost always depicted with some kind of mud kitchen. Messy play is a fantastic way for little ones to explore different textures and sensations, helping them to learn about their bodies and the world around them. But you don’t need a dedicated mud kitchen to get involved – simply fill some containers with different substances (such as sand, soil, water or leaves) and watch as BABY born and your little one have fun scooping them up, mixing them together and whatever else their hearts desire. Then, when messy play is over, it’s bathtime! Get your little one excited for their own bath by helping them get their favourite baby doll clean again in the BABY born Bath Bathtub or Walk in Shower.


To create more outdoor play memories that your little one will cherish for years to come, why not take BABY born camping?