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BABY born Christmas gift guide 2023

Imagining the beaming smile on your tot’s face as they open fun Christmas gifts can be as exciting for caregivers as it is for the kiddies. And with the festive season around the corner, now’s the ideal time to start picking out the perfect presents.

To help you prepare well ahead of Santa’s arrival, we round up the coolest gifts for little ones according to their big personalities. Whether you’re on a tight budget or want a big surprise, there’s plenty in here to make it a holiday to remember.

For budding stylists: Play & Style Brother and Sisters, or Sister Styling Head Princess

What could be more thoughtful than the gift of a festive doll friend? Suitable for little ones from age four, BABY born Play & Style Brother and Sisters are the coolest playmates – perfect for playing dress-up, putting on fashion shows, and more lifelike play. Each soft-touch doll has a superposable body – meaning extra flexibility in their arms, legs, hips, and head – so your budding stylist can get them into all kinds of fun poses with ease. Styled in cool jeans, tee, and beanie, BABY born Brother’s fashion game is strong. He comes with five accessories, including a comb for brushing his adorable top-quality hair and two friendship bracelets – one for him and one for your own mini elf. If styling hair is your little one’s thing, BABY born Sister’s lovely long locks (also available in brunette), are a dream for brushing, plaiting, and playing. She comes with 12 accessories: a hairbrush, hair clips (including two with coloured hair strands), hair bands, bracelets, and a trendy pair of shoes.

For creative royalty, BABY born Sister Styling Head Princess is the ultimate Christmas gift. With her premium-quality blonde hair, pastel highlights, and a whopping 32 hair accessories (including a hairbrush, glittery hair bobbles, clips, and jewelled pins which can also be used on her top, tiara, or earrings), the regal styling possibilities are endless. This imaginative festive gift comes with a dermatologically tested make-up palette, so budding artists aged three and up can start expressing their own fun styles.


For keen doll parents: BABY born Magic Dolls

Make their Christmas even more magical with the gift of an adorable baby doll. Just like a real baby, BABY born Magic Dolls cry real tears, drink real water, eat, and use a potty. The best-selling Magic Girl and Magic Boy (also available as brown-eyed Girl and Boy) can also cuddle, and sit independently. They’re fully bathable, perfect for joining in with your pint-sized splasher’s evening routine, and magically close their eyes when tots pop the magic dummy into their mouths and twist it. With a wide range of clothing and accessories (that can also be worn and used with BABY born Bear (except shoes), little ones can dress their playmate and their mate’s best bear friend for all occasions! 


For all-day play: BABY born Baby Care

Making sure BABY born has everything they need to stay happy and healthy will make your doll-loving little one glow this Christmas. From breakfast in the best-selling BABY born Highchair to those all-important nappy changes on the BABY born Changing Table, the BABY born Baby Care collection has plenty to power-up young imaginations. And after all that stimulating fun, they can settle their sleepy doll sidekick down in the BABY born Good Night Bassinet, ready for another day of play in the morning.


For double the friendship: BABY born Bear

Talking of trendy teds, BABY born has a new best friend – and this irresistibly soft cub makes the cutest Christmas gift for newborns and toddlers. As well as being the perfect size to dress up in Magic Doll clothes, BABY born Bear has their very own pink, blue, or white rompers, as well as a range of special bear outfits (from charming dungaree sets to pretty pink dresses). With posable arms and legs, it’s super easy for mini ones to practise getting this cuddle cutie dressed. And after a Christmas day filled with adventures, showing off their new BABY born Bear in the specially designed Bear Backpack, your little one can put their trusty ted to bed in the special BABY born Bear Sleeping Cave


For water babes: BABY born Bath and Little Sister Mermaid

Transform bathtime into a truly magical experience this festive season! With the shimmering BABY born Little Sister Mermaid to hand, little ones can explore the BABY born Bath collection in the most spectacular fashion! Whether they’re dipping their new fin-tastic friend in their own bath, watching her glide and swim with her rainbow tail, or letting her soak in the BABY born Bathtub with its real working shower head, lights, and splishy-sploshy sounds, the tub will become an enchanting sensory experience! For the ultimate paddling partner, wrap up a BABY born My First Swim Girl or Boy to pop under the Christmas tree. These bathtime babies really swim – simply wind up their arms and watch as they magically move through the water when you let go!


For baby’s first Christmas: BABY born Princess and Fairy for Babies

Suitable as Christmas gifts for newborns, BABY born Princess for babies and BABY born Fairy for babies are magical first roleplay dolls. With finger pockets in their flexible arms, you (or even your baby’s big sibling) can give teeny sweeties their first royal puppet show, play peekaboo, or tell them a fairytale story. And when the excitement is over, these dinky dolls have soft vinyl heads and super-cuddly bodies for safe snuggles galore. They’re also fully washable, making them extra hygienic for the youngest of babies.


For mini fashionistas: BABY born Deluxe Clothing 

From the BABY born Deluxe First Arrival set, to cosy pyjamas, to the super cosy-but-cool Deluxe Snowsuit, the BABY born Deluxe Collection has the best of the best clothing for tiny trendsetters to practise getting their best doll friend ready – whatever the occasion. Make sure their stockings are well-prepped for seasonal parties and play with princess gowns, birthday dresses and ballerina sets! If you really want to surprise them on Christmas morning, hang them all from the BABY born Clothes Rail, which is more than just an amazing organiser – it helps expand tots’ imagination, organisation, and motor skills, too!


Still pondering the perfect present? Explore the BABY born gift finder to find Christmas gifts for babies and children by age and budget.