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Dress to impress with BABY born

Little ones love to feel special and be the star of their own show, and what better way to do that than by dressing up! It may seem like play, but when your tot dresses themselves (or their best doll friend) in clothes or costumes of their choice, there’s so much more happening to help to develop their brain. As dinky dressers learn about the world around them, this kind of play has all kinds of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional benefits.  


With so many impressive BABY born outfits for toddlers to explore, experiment, and create different scenarios for their stylish sidekick with, they’ll never tire of charming clothes to choose from. Here, we explore some deluxe doll outfits they’ll love. 


Dressing up for the party!

For little ones, everything is more fun when dressing up is involved… especially parties! While birthday celebrations don’t happen every day in the ‘real’ world, dress-up play allows pint-sized partiers to host birthday get-togethers whenever they please. Whether they’re inviting friends round or playing pretend with all their BABY born dolls and teddies, styling and creating stories with game rules encourages cooperation, taking turns, and paying interest in others. 

What to wear? 

To get party-ready, your tot can practise dressing their best doll friend in the BABY born Deluxe Birthday dress! Fitting dolls up to 43cm, this dainty dress comes with a sparkly birthday crown and ballet slippers for long-lasting imaginative play. And of course, you can’t have a birthday without cake! This set also includes two doll-sized cupcakes in pink and blue, with toppers to decorate the icing.



Putting on a show

The more doll outfits and accessories your mini stylist has, the more choice they have for different events – whether you’re attending the theatre or putting on a dance show! It also provides more imaginative roles and characters they can play out with their doll friend. Whether they’re twirling like a ballerina, jumping like a frog, or zooming like a superhero, they’re not only having tremendous fun, they’re also developing their gross motor skills. And when they practise putting on their own doll friend’s clothes, cape, or shoes, they’re working to improve their coordination every day.

What to wear? 

Elevate everyday trips or dress the part for a fancy occasion – the Deluxe Ballerina Outfit will make sure BABY born looks mesmerising as they whirl, twirl, and leap all the way to your special event (or simply to the sofa!). Little ones will adore getting their BABY born buddy ready to put on dances or fashion shows, adorning their fun friend in the set’s leggings, sparkly tutu, headband, and ballet shoes to complete the look.



Getting ready for royal occasions

Everyday activities can be transformed into exciting adventures if your little one brings BABY born along. A trip to the doctors can be a royal tour, and a shopping run can be a fairytale story! If there’s a real-life royal occasion, such as the upcoming coronation, having extra-fancy costumes on hand will ensure your own mini royalty can dress themselves and their doll friend to the nines. Imaginative dress-up also builds vocabulary – your toddler can decide what their character would say and what BABY born would say. These make-believe worlds give early talkers a chance to expand their vocabulary by using words and phrases that they may have heard in fairytale stories, but wouldn’t normally use. With plenty of play, you might hear your mini one start to use these new words in conversations!

What to wear?

Roll out the royal carpet… the Deluxe Princess set ensures BABY born looks like true royalty, ready for all-day fairytale play. With a tactile 3D butterfly and tulle skirt, little ones will love touching and feeling the different textures of the dress, reaping all the benefits of sensory play. As well as a regal gown and pretty pink shoes, this set is topped off with a golden crown headband – just like a real princess!


Creating stories and adventures through dress-up play not only helps mini ones feel more confident, it also helps them express themselves. Explore more dress-up play ideas to help their  self-expression blossom.