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Christmas Eve box fillers for babies and toddlers

For some little ones, the countdown to Christmas can feel like it lasts forever. Advent calendars can give them something to open each day they anticipate Santa’s arrival, but parents and caregivers can help the big day come even earlier by filling a Christmas Eve box full of small but thoughtful treats. 


Wondering what to put it inside, exactly? Whether you’re soothing a baby or surprising a toddler, our Christmas Eve box filler ideas can help further raise the festive vibes and create your own magical traditions. 


Christmas Eve box fillers: baby ideas

Babies may be too young to understand the festivities, but a new blanket or cuddly friend for Christmas Eve can be a precious way to include them. If they have an older sibling, this can also be a loving gift from them to help promote the value of sharing this season. For newborn Christmas Eve box fillers, BABY born Sleepy for Babies is the perfect bedtime buddy. This dinky doll is super soft for Christmas Eve cuddles galore, with an integrated rattle for relaxing sensory stimulation. Another gorgeous gift is the adorably huggable BABY born Nightfriends for babies, who has a gentle night light in their tummy and a sound module that plays soothing lullabies!


Christmas Eve box filler ideas for one year olds

Some of the loveliest Christmas Eve box fillers are those which help create new traditions, or bring little ones in on old traditions. To help get excited tots in the tub, pop BABY born My First Swim Girl and Boy in their Christmas Eve box. These swimming dolls are a great way to help tots establish a bathtime routine, as well as a super-fun activity for Christmas Eve. Wind up their arms and watch them whizz off in the tub – the fun extends way beyond the festive season, encouraging nervous water babes into the pool in the future!


Christmas Eve box fillers for two year old tots

Pyjamas make the cutest, low-cost Christmas Eve box fillers. If you’re adding some fresh PJs in for your two year old, don’t leave out their best doll friend! Little ones with a BABY born Little Boy or Little Girl will adore including their own baby in the pre-Christmas PJ fun. Include a fun romper in their box to dress BABY born all cosy and snug. Then, they’re ready to snooze ‘til morning, when Santa will have arrived! Other adorable doll accessories range from the BABY born Bath Bathrobe (to wrap BABY born in after their Christmas Eve bath!) and red sporty outfits for all-day festive play.


Christmas eve box fillers for three year old kids

Christmas Eve is a wonderful time to snuggle up as a family, watching feel-good movies or telling stories. In Christmas Eve boxes, fillers which bring these stories to life can create the most precious memories. Small inexpensive ideas can include magic keys (a set of fake keys to leave under the doormat so that Santa can get in to leave gifts, for homes without fireplaces!), or special festive plates to leave carrots for the reindeer on. 


For extra magic, include handwritten letters from elves in your Christmas Eve box, or even new special fairy friends! BABY born Storybook Fairies make amazing Christmas Eve fillers for three year old children – each comes with their own story booklet, double-sided backdrop and stand with lights, so you can cuddle up together and bring each fairy’s story to life. 


The best Christmas Eve box fillers add even more magic to the big day and beyond. For more festive gift ideas, explore our BABY born stocking fillers or Christmas gift guide 2022. Still searching for the perfect present? Narrow it down with our BABY born gift finder.