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How to make bath time more fun

Knowing how to make bath time more fun not only helps your toddler’s hygiene, it’s also a brilliant way to benefit their development and growth. While the aim of the game is a clean cutie, bathing engages all of your little one’s senses. From splish-splashing sensory games to imaginative pretend play, even the most tub-resistant tots will love these exciting bath time activities.


Bring in their best doll friend

Show your little one how to make bath time more fun – let them mirror the steps of washing with their favourite doll friend! The doll must be bath-proof, of course, making BABY born the perfect tub-time buddy! Fully bathable BABY born Magic Girl always loves a soak and a splash – her exciting features include drinking real water, controlled wetting, and magic eyes! Little ones can wash her face using the cloth and soap from the BABY born Bath Hooded Towel Set and feel how water changes the flannel, exploring liquid states, textures, and temperatures. Then, it’s time to get BABY born all dry and snuggly in the soft hooded towel before bed. Twist BABY born Magic Girl’s magic dummy and she’ll close her eyes to doze off, with your own cosy tot not far behind her! Alternatively, BABY born My First Swim Girl and My First Swim Boy are perfect buddies for fun in the tub and can even help little ones build water confidence, teaching them the basic skills needed to move through water. But aside from this – what fun winding this lively doll up and watching how fast they swim! Plus, BABY born Little Sister Mermaid is a magical marvel as she glides through the bath water! Watch her tail swish in the water like a real mermaid’s tail, while it changes colour along with her bikini top!


Make a multi-sensory playground

Little ones find it hard to resist the tub when it’s full of sensory stimulation! Those looking at how to make bath time more fun for toddlers can do no wrong with tactile water play activities such as jelly bath, foam shapes, sponges, bubble wands, soap crayons, and all manner of toys for filling and pouring. Placing their hands under the comforting downfall of the BABY born Bath Walk-In Shower helps dinky bathers explore. Watch the joy on their face as they turn the real-working shower on and off with the Berta the Duck switch – rinsing off BABY born and practising their motor skills at the same time!


Light up bubbles!

Once they associate the tub with exciting games, your bathing little one will never want to leave. From glow sticks to light-up rubber ducks, adding lights and colours to your bathing routine can show little ones how to make bath time more fun. Toddlers especially love the glow-up ducks on our BABY born Bath Bathtub. Just press a button to illuminate the tub – it plays magical melodies while your happy tot cleans their fun doll friend. Plus, add a splash of bubble bath and the BABY born Bath Bathtub will squirt out foam from the fully functional shower.


Get creative with hair-washing

How to make bath time more fun? Open up a bath time salon! BABY born Sister Styling Mermaid Head has magical pastel-coloured hair that can be washed with her seashell-shaped shower head. Aspiring mini hairdressers will dive in the tub when they can play, brush, wash, and make new under-the-sea looks, just like a real stylist!


Add other routines to the mix

Little ones love to clean their  companion in the tub – it’s great pretend play that you can build brilliant evening routines around. Not only can it help show your toddler the fun side of bath time, it can show them how to make all kinds of hygiene fun! For example, if your potty-training doll hasn’t made it to their BABY born Poo-Poo Toilet in time, they can get rinsed down in the tub – all while your little one gets sparkly-clean too!


Showered in inspiration? We hope so! Of course, learning how to make bath time more fun for toddlers will change as your water babe grows and develops. Discover our full range of dolls that go in bath to tailor to their needs and loves.