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The best BABY born toys for travelling

Whether you’re driving home after Christmas or flying off on your jollies, it’s important to plan ahead for any journey with a toddler. Little ones can become bored and restless (as can adults!), so finding toys for travelling that keep them occupied can be the difference between a trip to cherish or a stressful ride for all involved. 

Here, we outline the best toys to pack on your next family adventure. From cute ‘n’ cuddly flight-friends for babies to car journey toys for toddlers, there’s plenty to keep mini travellers entertained in BABY born’s world.


Best toys for long flights

For keeping them inspired (and busy!): BABY born Storybook Fairies 

Any aeroplane toys for kids that encourage imagination are a winner – and BABY born Storybook Fairies are a great way to keep children engaged on longer journeys. With six dinky dolls to collect (each stands at 18cm high, making them perfect toys for travelling), little ones can get lost in fairytale play. Choose from Fairy Ice, Fairy Peach, Fairy Poppy, Fairy Rainbow, Fairy Rose and Fairy Violet – each comes with their own story booklet, double-sided backdrop, and stand with lights. Let your teeny traveller create their own enchanted world, right on their seat table! The fun never ends – they can play fairy games and watch storybook videos for a variety of in-flight adventures.


For soothing plane snuggles: BABY born Sleepy for babies

Preparation is key to keeping babies and toddlers calm on plane journeys. As well as snacks, books, and sensory games, some of the best toys for long haul flights are those that calm little ones – particularly if they become upset. BABY born Sleepy for babies is a precious travel buddy for babies (right from newborn!). Small in size but big in comfort, this fuzzy-soft friend gives the best hugs – their squishy body even has an integrated rattle for sensory soothing.


Toys for car journeys

For the best travel buddy ever: BABY born Brother and Sisters

Every travelling tot needs a sidekick, and BABY born Brother and Sisters (available with blonde hair, brown hair, and brown eyes) make the coolest car journey toys for toddlers! These fun doll friends have six realistic features, including bendable knees, so little ones can sit them down on their own knee in the car, or strap them in the BABY born Car Seat for the journey like a big girl or boy! In their very own car seat, BABY born can watch out the window – how many sheep can you spot in the fields? Mini road trippers will love dressing their doll buddy up for the big adventure. And with an exciting range of BABY born clothing to choose from, including trendy coat sets and rainy-day outfits, they can style their funky friend to their heart’s content.


Best toys to take on holiday

For first-time pool fun: My First Swim Dolls

Little ones will love showing off their impressive pool buddies on holiday – everyone, meet My First Swim Boy and My First Swim Girl! These super-fun dolls are some of the best toys to take on holiday to help build swimming skills in water babes aged one and over. Let tots wind up their doll’s arms and release – My First Swim Dolls will shoot across the pool, front crawl or butterfly style! For more ideas to keep toddlers entertained on your jollies, try these exciting games to play in the pool.


For splish-splashing toddlers: BABY born Little Sister Mermaid

As your mini swimmer gets a little older, BABY born Little Sister Mermaid is the dreamiest doll friend to bring into the pool. Watch as your excited tot makes their mermaid glide through the water – their little faces will light up as BABY born’s magical tail changes colour in warm water as really swishes as she moves. This sea princess comes with a shell comb and tiara, so little ones can create enchanted looks with her long satiny pastel hair.


For active adventures: BABY born accessories 


Exploring new places on your travels is always a ton of fun – even more so for your little one if they bring a friend along! If you’re planning on taking the tot out for a day trip, let them carry their favourite doll sidekick along in the comfy BABY born Baby Carrier. It easily clips to their front, so they can carry a backpack or even the BABY born Changing Bag on their back. Fill it with all the doll essentials – special food, nappies, or some BABY born Magic Dummies (perfect for controlling BABY born Magic dolls sleeping and play times!) – for imaginative play on the go. 


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