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Princess games with Little Sweet Princess

Princess games bring so much joy – especially when your little one has their very own doll royalty to play with! 

With Baby Annabell Little Sweet Princess, carrying out royal duties has never been so much fun! Her adorable kissing and blushing effects, gorgeous blonde hair, and super-cute sounds make her the perfect princess game doll! Mini nurturers can also style her in enchanting outfits before laying her into a sleepy-eyed slumber at bedtime. 

Ready for all-day fairytale play? Here, we cover Baby Annabell Little Sweet Princess’ favourite princess games for girls and boys to try. From tea parties to horse-drawn tours, each is filled with lovely roleplay opportunities to cherish happily ever after. 


Wear your finest frock to the ball

Dressing up and dancing are some of Baby Annabell’s most favourite princess games in the world! Your own loving tot can help her look extra magical – brushing her golden hair and putting on her sparkling dress and slippers, before finishing the look with a glittery tiara! 

For a change of clothing, slip the princess into her Baby Annabell Little Sweet Dress and give her a whirl! Wow, now she’s ready to meet her charming companion, Baby Annabell Little Sweet Prince, who’s looking ever so smart in his royal blue waistcoat! 

Let them dance the day away, playing prince and princess games while their fairytale friends (your little one’s favourite teddies, and of course, Baby Annabell Little Sweet Pony) gather round and watch in wonder! 


Help the princess find her golden slipper

Oh no, Baby Annabell Little Sweet Princess lost her favourite golden slipper on her way back from the ball! Set up this fairytale scene in your little one’s imagination and have them help her find it so she can look magical once more! This princess game is a fun spin on a classic treasure hunt – hide the sparkly shoe and have little ones find it. 

For a princess game that’ll have them engaged for longer, have them rescue more of her accessories and clothing. What about her fab sequin bag, part of the Baby Annabell Little Sweet Cape set? The affectionate princess will be so happy to have her favourite items back, she’ll want to give endless kisses to thank her caring doll parent!        


Embark on a royal tour

Going out is always full of wonder when Baby Annabell Little Sweet Princess comes along. Let your little one pretend they’re embarking on a royal tour – even more spectacular if you hitch up the Baby Annabell Little Sweet Carriage & Pony for princess games galore! 

Where to first? A royal appearance at the park, maybe? Her fabulous carriage lights up, so everyone can see Little Sweet Princess give her dainty regal wave! And when the Little Sweet Pony needs a rest from pulling the carriage, young ones will delight in pushing their princess along using the pram function.     


Host an afternoon tea party


Roll out the royal carpet (picnic blanket), it’s time to do tea like Her Majesty! Feel free to make your own invitations, not forgetting the VIP guest – Sweet Little Princess

For maximum magic, let your little one help with the food prep. Try tot-sized cake pops, cucumber sandwich triangles, and mini jam tarts, all washed down with delicious lemonade or princess-pink milkshakes. They’ll love hosting their own party and feeling so involved in its preparation. 

For busy princesses, games are a welcome wind-down from royal duties! Get more tea party princess game ideas here, and don’t forget to tag us in your magical princess game moments on Facebook and Instagram!