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Exciting New Year Activities For Kids | BABY born

It’s that time of year – you’re not sure what day it is and have plenty of time to partake in fun new year activities for kids. But what to do, exactly? The best kind of play ideas also help young imaginations to bloom, keep brains busy, and encourage development in little ones. And for the big night itself, hosting your own mini New Year’s party for kids can be a lovely way to spend quality time with family – who says parents have to miss out on the celebrations?


Here, we round up a range of ideas to make the time between this Christmas and January one to remember. From making adventure packs to organising a cute New Year’s party for kids, these exciting ideas will help you make the most of this time with your little one – with plenty of games and giggles in the process!


Ideas for New Year’s activities for kids 



Make a kids outdoor explorer kit

Creating a kids outdoor exploring kit is a great way to maximise fresh-air fun over the holidays. Start with a tick-list of adventures you can have, bringing their best doll friend along to join in the activities – we’ve created a FREE and easy-to-print adventure activity sheet to get you started. You can go on walks, splash in puddles (don’t forget your rainy day outfit), or play on the swings with cool friends like BABY born Brother and Sister


Build a storybook blanket fort

If you’re feeling adventurous but want to stay warm at home, build a blanket fort using tables, chairs, blankets, sheets, or other household items, then fill it with books, twinkly lights and new year activities for kids for a magical night of games and storytelling. For an extra enchanting glow, invite the BABY born Storybook Fairies to your VIP den. Choose from six fluttering fairies: Fairy Ice, Fairy Peach, Fairy Poppy, Fairy Rainbow, Fairy Rose and Fairy Violet. Each has their own unique personality and comes with a storybook, backdrop and stand with lights! They even have their own hideaway den – an exciting fairy-sized BABY born Storybook Cottage with a telescope, swing, fireplace, and more – all to further encourage your child’s playful imagination.


Bake some treats

Baking sweet treats can be one of the most calming, fun, and of course, delicious New Year’s Eve ideas for kids to get involved with. It can help little ones develop culinary skills and provide helpful sensory stimulation. Spend time on New Year’s Eve trying out easy recipes for cookies, brownies, pies, or cakes. Then, let your mini baker help decorate them and eat them – you could even host your own teeny tea party! Don’t leave BABY born out – let dolls such as BABY born Magic Girl and Magic Boy join in with their own special BABY born food (that they’ll really eat). After all that messy fun in the kitchen, it’s time to get BABY born cleaned up in their very own Walk-in Shower – all ready for dinner! 


Ideas for children’s New Year’s Eve parties



Throw a family-friendly dinner party

After the hectic festive period, your creative juices may be tailing off, leaving you stumped when planning New Year’s Eve events for kids. The good news is you don’t need to throw the party of the century – you could throw a family-friendly dinner and invite other parents with children of a similar age, or simply play-pretend, inviting your tot’s favourite doll friends and teddies for dinner! They’ll love letting BABY born Little Boy or Little Girl sit at the table too – simply pop them in the BABY born Table Feeding Chair or best-selling BABY born Highchair, then give them their bottle – they really drink! 


Have a snuggly sleepover party

You may not be at a luxury hotel this New Year’s Eve, but you can still sleep somewhere new with the family. Everyone can get into their favourite pyjamas (kids will love helping dress their doll in the BABY born Bath Deluxe Good Night set, or fun Unicorn Onesie!) then bring the cosiest pillows, blankets, and of course, BABY born’s Sleeping Bag to the living room for a snuggly sleepover with your little one and their best doll friend. 


Dress up your dolls for a NYE countdown

Getting dressed up for New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean you have to leave the house. Kids love to play dress-up, especially if they can involve their funky doll friend! Let them pick out something shiny from BABY born’s Clothes Rail. A Trendy Flowerdress? Perhaps a pretty Bunny Dress or Fantasy Deluxe Princess set? This Deluxe Coat set includes the coolest metallic leggings – just perfect for adding style to outdoor activities such as crisp walks or watching fireworks displays. Getting ready for the party doesn’t stop with clothing, budding hairstylists can practice on the BABY born Sister Styling Mermaid. She comes with her very own tiara, hair clips, and goes in the bath, so you can wash and style her hair while expanding the creative New Year’s activities for kids all the way to the tub.


The adventures never stop with BABY born! Visit our play ideas page for more new year activities for kids, or explore our blog for winter sensory play and storytelling ideas, pool games, and fun bath time ideas!