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Baby Annabell: Welcome to our new website

Baby Annabell remains the UK’s number one nurturing doll brand – and we’re celebrating with a brand-new website!

There’s been more than a few changes round here, all in an attempt to give Baby Annabell a sparkly new home and ensure as seamless a user experience as possible when you’re in her world. We wanted to better reflect our Baby Annabell product offering, strengthen brand positioning and create a mobile-friendly site for our target audience to browse while on the go. 

Want to take a look around?

Baby Annabell is mobile-friendly

The Baby Annabell website was in need of a refresh – but it’s not just about making Baby Annabell’s pages ‘look nice’. It’s about working out what you, as the visitor, need and tailoring the new site to meet those needs. We wanted to make sure we could keep up with the busy day-to-day lives of our customers. We know you often browse Baby Annabell products while on the move and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to quickly get the information you need. Now our website is mobile-first, it’s fully responsive with mobile devices and it’s easier than ever to browse products, make informed purchase decisions and complete the simple, clear checkout process. 

Baby Annabell’s design has remained faithful to elements of the branding that fans know and love. However, we’ve taken care to place heavy emphasis on stunning imagery to help lift it into a visually striking design overall. Plus, we hope you’ll agree that calls to action are more prominent, information about each doll is easily digestible and the shopping area is clean and user-friendly!

Inspirational content at your fingertips

Keep checking back in to find regularly updated play ideas and inspiration for doll play for your little one. If you’ve bought a Baby Annabell doll or accessories, we don’t want your journey with us to end there. We want to be part of your little one’s play! You’ll find a content hub where you can Meet the Dolls, learn more about each one and get to know all their personality traits and functions. The Baby Annabell blog will be regularly updated with inspirational content, product information and industry insights to keep you fully up to speed with what’s going on in Baby Annabell’s world. And the Play Ideas section exists to give you and your little one all the inspiration you need for how to look after Baby Annabell and keep her as happy as can be.

Get social!

We’d love to hear what you think of our new-look website! Get in touch and tell us your thoughts over on Facebook – this website is for you after all. You can also follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with what’s going on in Baby Annabell’s world.