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Sweet gifts for siblings to give each other

Whether you’re looking for ways to make it easier for your little ones to spend more time together, or gifts for siblings to build their relationship, Baby Annabell’s world is designed to promote nurturing and empathy in little ones – including among siblings. 

From gifts for older siblings when a baby is born, to gifts for young siblings to share, these sweet ideas can help young brothers and sisters learn the joy of giving at Christmas, birthdays, or other special occasions. 


Gifts from newborns to siblings

Bringing a new baby into your little one’s life can be a big change, especially when they’re likely used to being the centre of your world. Gifts for new big siblings can help ease anxiety in older children and encourage them in their new role. 

One of the best gifts for siblings welcoming a new teeny brother or sister into their universe can be a dinky doll of their own to care for. Little ones can practise rocking and burping their own dolls, changing nappies, and feeding them with a bottle – interactive dolls such as Baby Annabell, Alexander, and Leah can help little ones what to expect from their new baby siblings, from needing to be comforted when crying to hearing them giggle when played with gently. 

Little ones will love imitating you as you stroll along with their new baby brother or sister, so another great gift from newborns to siblings is a special doll pram. Cute accessories such as the Baby Annabell Changing Bag and Sweet Dreams Crib provide even more caring pretend-play opportunities, helping your tot feel involved, in charge, and responsible.


Gifts for younger siblings from older siblings

Now we’ve covered gifts for new big siblings, what about the other way round? Help encourage sharing and kindness in older ones with gifts for younger siblings such as Baby Annabell Sweetie for Babies. With its sensory-stimulating integrated rattle, this squishy-soft Sweetie is a gorgeous first doll for newborns


For a more personalised gift for younger siblings from older ones that will make your heart melt, Baby Annabell Sleep Well for Babies has a voice recording function. Older siblings can record up to five minutes of sound, from stories to lullabies, to help soothe their new baby brother or sister to sleep! Watching their proud face as their teeny sibling drifts off will be a magic moment.


If you’re looking for gifts for younger siblings aged one or over, dolls such as Baby Annabell Little Sophia and Baby Annabell Little Sweet Princess make amazing presents from their big brother or sister. For cuddles and nurturing galore, Baby Annabell My First Annabell is another wonderful gift idea.  And for fun in the tub, My First Bath Annabell can be a lovely gift for younger siblings that also helps establish bathtime routines.

Gifts for young siblings to share

If your little ones share a bedroom or playroom, Baby Annabell Lunch Time Table makes a charming addition they can enjoy together. This educational lunch table includes an interactive menu selection game that lights up and makes funny sounds. Siblings can take turns finding out what food their doll likes and feeding her – helping to encourage patience, sharing, and nurturing. 

Other sweet gifts for young siblings to share include those they can play with together. Kids aged three and above will delight in imaginative play together with Baby Annabell Let’s Play Bath Time. Encourage little ones to share responsibilities in their pretend-play – maybe one of them can shampoo Baby Annabell’s head while the other ‘rinses’ her off with the light-up shower head!

For mini ones who each own a Baby Annabell doll, stocking up on Baby Annabell clothing they can share adds plenty of great gift ideas to your list. From teeny tights to Deluxe Bathtime Sets. For more gifts they can share in one easy package, the Baby Annabell Mix & Match Set includes five pieces of clothing, four accessories, and one nappy (and you can always get more nappies to share!). 

Want more Baby Annabell gift inspiration? Find more stocking filler gifts for siblings on our blog, or explore the Baby Annabell Christmas Gift Guide 2022 and gift finder tool for more perfect presents.