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The Baby Annabell Christmas Gift Guide 2022

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching, bringing with it the question of what your little one might like to find under the Christmas tree this year. Whether you’re shopping for  a teeny bundle of joy or a toddling cutie, we’ve wrapped up our favourite Baby Annabell  Christmas gifts for babies and newborns to explore, right up to gifts for 3 year old children. Whatever their age, you’re sure to find a present that will bring joy to their face and keep them engaged in a world of adorable imaginative roleplay for years to come.


Gifts for newborns



As babies enter the big wide world, they need love, guidance and stimulation to grow. Baby Annabell dolls for newborns are super-soft, cuddly, and perfect for nourishing their emotional and physical development. 


Baby Annabell Sweetie for babies has a soft and squishy body, making her one of the perfect gifts for newborns to explore new textures and sensory experiences with the teeniest of hands. Listen carefully as your little one shakes her – she has an integrated rattle for added fun and discovery!

Baby Annabell Sleep Well for babies comes with an extra special feature that makes it one of the most comforting Christmas gifts for babies – a sound module! Caregivers can record up to five minutes of audio – from bedtime stories to enchanting lullabies to the calming voice of a loved one. This sweet recording then plays for 30 minutes to soothe your little one to sleep with a familiar voice.


Gifts for 1 year olds


Baby Annabell dolls for one-year-olds are sweet and snuggly Christmas gifts for babies, designed to help little ones begin to develop the nurturing and compassion that leads to caring and considerate grown-ups. 

Our precious Little Annabell, Little Alexander and Little Sophia dolls are perfect gifts for 1 year old babes. Thanks to their dinky designs, they’re easy for small hands to begin to grasp and are joys to be around. But, Cheeky Annabell has some sass. When her tummy is pressed, she’ll spit out her dummy and make realistic sounds, creating interactive experiences that foster nurturing between your little one and their favourite baby doll for hours on end.


Princess play


For growing imaginations and nurturing roleplay, there’s no Christmas gift more adorable than Baby Annabell Little Sweet Princess! She loves to give kisses (although it makes her blush!) and her high-quality hair is perfect for aspiring stylists to brush into hairstyles that complement her glittering tiara, princess gown and golden ballerina shoes. When all that lovely affection and dress-up play takes its toll, little ones can lay Little Sweet Princess down and watch as she closes her tired eyes and drifts off to sleep.

And let’s not forget about Little Sweet Prince – the perfect fairytale friend for Little Sweet Princess! At just 36cm, he’s perfect for tiny tots to play with. Dressed in a silky soft blue coat with gold detailing, a frilly gold waistcoat, white tucked trousers and white shoes with gold soles, his easy-fit royal ensemble is fit for a prince.

Fairytale play just wouldn’t be complete without a noble steed! One of the sweetest accessory gifts for 1 year old princesses and princes, Baby Annabell Little Sweet Carriage and Pony is the most regal way for dolls to travel. Little ones will love pulling the pony along in a magical playtime experience and can even turn the carriage into a doll’s pushchair by removing the pony and harness.


Gifts for 2 year olds


Gifts for toddlers don’t get more classic than a baby doll. With realistic, interactive features, including laughing when tickled and falling to sleep with gentle rocking, it’s no wonder our dolls for two-year-olds have inspired imaginative roleplay for generations. 

Adorably dressed Baby Annabell Mia is such a trendsetter! Her stylish two-tone denim dress, floral-patterned top, turquoise leggings, pink hat and matching shoes are all designed for tiny hands to dress and play with easily, one of the most imaginative gifts for 2 year olds discovering their sense of style and developing fine motor skills.

For aspiring hairdressers, Baby Annabell Sophia has long, golden hair, perfect for brushing and styling. Little ones will love to pamper this lovely doll and finish off the look with her cute outfit and accessories, ensuring she looks her best for every occasion!

After hours of playtime, Baby Annabell needs somewhere to drift into much-needed sleep – and it doesn’t get more comfortable than the Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Nap Time Cloud! One of the most thoughtful gifts for toddlers who already have a Baby Annabell doll, little ones will love laying their sweet baby on the cloud-shaped rocker, gently swaying them into the land of nod.

Gifts for 3 year olds


As kids get a bit older, they can start to play with more engaging toys. The best baby dolls for 3 year olds use props to give children more choice when playing. These adorable gifts will keep toddlers engaged, build their sense of responsibility, and help develop their fine and gross motor skills. 

The most iconic of our 43cm dolls, Baby Annabell, Baby Alexander and Baby Leah have a cuddly-soft body and life-like functions to bring out the sweetest nurturing instincts in little ones. They drink real water from their bottle (watch them move their mouth and suck away!), burp, giggle and cry real doll tears. Nurturing these adorable babies brings out gentle, joyful and caring instincts in mini doll parents.

For stocking fillers, you can’t go wrong with Baby Annabell accessories! With dummies and the shiniest of shoes designed for 43cm dolls, tots will be spoiled for choice as they get Baby Annabell ready for the day, dressing her in raincoats, winter outfits, cosy rompers and much, much more.


Baby Annabell Accessories



Of all the gifts for 3 year olds who love Baby Annabell, the Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Crib is one of the cutest. Your little doll parent can gently rest their beloved babe into the pastel-pink crib, then push the button at the end to make it magically rock on its own! This special crib even plays a soothing lullaby. For extra cosiness, little ones can wrap their babe in the new Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Swaddle Bag before laying them in the crib. The pastel-perfect design even features sweet little owl ears on the hood!

Baby Annabell is just a baby, so she can’t walk on her own just yet! But when your mini one puts her in the Baby Annabell Baby Walker, she can move around in all directions! Your little love will have fabulous fun learning to navigate the baby walker using the remote control – forwards, backwards, sideways, whatever-way! It even makes sounds – beep beep! 


Guaranteed smiles and wonderful family memories to treasure await with these gorgeous Christmas gifts for babies and beyond. Still searching for the perfect present? Discover our gift finder.